Quarantine work from home styling tips & tricks

work from home styling

Are you living your best phase of life during this quarantine period? 

I have been wondering about how one must be feeling about the ‘Work from home’ culture especially the one who has been a go-to person or a proper professional attire follower. Well, let’s get into the catchy zone where one can get the best ways of unique styles code.

People usually prefer to wear something that makes them so comfortable, be it pajamas, shorts, loose shirts, dhoti and a lot more. You definitely don’t need to adhere to the dress-code rule whilst you are at home. While some prefer to dress up to make themselves feel like they are at their workplace. 

Major tasks include several keys to be cozy & comfortable.

  • Comfy clothes a must 
  • Breathable fabrics 
  • Be Cool & Trendy in order to make yourself more positive and energized 
  • Most importantly, ‘Be You’ & don’t follow anyone’s rule of clothing
  • Create a morning routine (a to-do list)
  • Schedule breaks 
  • Keep a dedicated workspace

Get to know more of how I love to dress up while working from home, not so cheesy but definitely worth following factors. A business casual look always hits the productivity of your work for sure. Don’t go overdoing things, do it a little but make sure it’s worth making an effort on. These looks are going to be fun for sure, have a look into the styles underneath.

Style 1: Bohemian Rhapsody

I am so in love with the ‘Bohemian’ look, these definitely look more of ‘Baldeagle’ style. A fashion that’s all of a gypsy sartorial feels with dhoti pants/pajamas and a touch of simple tee-shirt cool ya?

How can I miss my love for travel? From keeping cues of a bunch of fun prints of art & travel tees in my closet to the one I keep on wearing every next day which makes me feel like I’m voyaging each and every single day. No compromise on the bottoms because those are the ones that maintain and allow for lounging on the sofa, bed or a chair whilst I work.

Tshirt– Museum of modern art | MOMA  musesumofmodernart | BangaloreDhoti pants  thonje

Style 2: Get Shorty

A high-level comfy cloth for sure and never miss to convert their jeans into shorts this summer. If not done yet, go for it, give a quarantine challenge to yourself and make your life and work a little happier by doing something different. Pair up your shorty in different ways, fold it a little, or add some badges to look more interesting and work on it if you love to design your clothes on your own.  

P.S: I keep on experimenting on my clothes all the time, try it once and see the difference. 

Blockprint shirt  anokijaipur | Shorts by RicheeRich, Bangkok | slippers  iseelila

Camo shorts by Richee Rich, Bangkok | Tee  superdryindia | Sandals  fabindiaofficial

Style 3: Pajama Party

Whilst you work from home, each and every single day is a weekend call for sure. But don’t spoil your actual weekend because of the quarantine work from home schedules, do something that makes your life happier than ever. Connect loved ones, family, friends or anyone whom you are connected with. 

The Baldeagle feels and love for patterns & prints are never-ending gameplay in any of the selection modes, you can call it a signature collection of baldeagle. 

Black vest  hm_man | Printed pajamas  jackjonesindia

Striped cotton pjs abrahamandthakore | Vest  zara

Never miss out any opportunity of becoming more productive and vulnerable at any point in assigned tasks. Like many of us must be super tired but keep one point in mind ‘business always first’ and ‘party at the end’ wherein party is an ultimate reflection of the comfort zone. 

I’m loving that I get to wear shorts, my favorite travel t-shirts & shorts every single day. But to a certain point happiness comes first & doesn’t take anything for granted. 

Have you seen my shein post of ‘Denim’ love

Do the experiments and live the life king size, & don’t forget to optimize quarantine in a productive manner. 

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  • GA


    Amazing as ever Subbu!…I have never worn dhoyi pants myself…should get a pair…thanks for these dressing and lifestyle tips..

  • Rakesh


    Good one Subhashish!
    I prefer your Bohemian look which is so ‘You’.
    Further down south, it’s way hotter and humid so I personally prefer showing a lot more skin.
    But I would definitely try these styles. Inspired!

    • admin

      thanks so much for sharing , and yes i can imagine the various looks on u as well, glad u had a look:)

    • Sanskriti upadhyay

      Thanks for sharing these lifestyle tips it’s so cool , I am also love the bohemian looks.

  • Prakhar Kasera


    Those are some great home styling comfy looks for cozy and comfortable days at home. I love all three, payjama, shorts and dhoti pants. All three very comfortable and can be paired to style very well.

    • admin

      Thanks, much appreciated as you well know…these are fun and so easy to do

  • Vishal Laddha


    Your work is exceptional Subhashish. Keep it up and keep inspiring

    • admin

      so kind always, wishes to and ure family

    • admin

      thanks a lot my freind

  • Annie Lynch


    Wow!! all the designs are fabulous Subu. I love the comfy yet trendy style outfits Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Annie missing your cool party looks now

    • admin

      much appreciated

  • Rohiny


    Such an Inspiration to work from home and styling always on point

    • admin

      hugs and thanks R, ure amazing as always

    • admin

      hugs thanks my dear

  • Kaye Skalski


    Fun and stylish as ever Subu.
    Loving the pjs

    • admin

      we need to get u some nice prints here

  • Tracy Ross


    So eloquently written as always Subu
    Luv ur tips, ur casual trendy style, virtual travel through fashion! Ur Boho PJ look is my fav.
    Luv the apartment, the eclectic mix of the old & new worlds
    Key pointer about dressing to feel more “positive & energized”, importance of routine & differentiating between week days & weekend! Keep the style, the positive vibes & working from home tips rollin!!

    • admin

      thanks so much tracy, hugs and see u all in India soon

    • admin

      thank u so much my dear

  • Flo Peters


    As always an interesting read with tips I could use now…not only to teach me style but to inspire me during our ‘you cannot leave your home’ lockdown in South Africa. Your writing always takes me on the trip with you ….your style, knowledge of fabrics, colour coordination and incredible eye for detail is amazing. Love your home & the calm relaxed feel in each picture . Thank you

    • admin

      cannot wait to have you over love, 2021 we must

    • admin

      thank you my dear

    • admin


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