WISHING FOR 2018….Tea, Cake&Bowties


And the year comes to an END!!

SO much has happened especially this Blog from where I have been sharing my thoughts with you. I had launched the page in April 2017 and it seems the time has just flown past. With my love for design and the dapper quotient I have been able to reach out to so many people all across. I thank you for the love and support and here is to many more innovations in the coming year.

To mark the close of 2017 and welcoming the cheer of 2018 is a Tea Party in the wonderful store of THE WISHING CHAIR. Finding presents , quirkiness, gifts and surprises in every corner , the Baldeagle couldn’t have been happier as he shopped for his special ones and of course indulged in the pleasures of home decor. There will be more collaborations with them soon , I promise you. This thematic photoshoot of the Dapper Teatime looks set amidst the magic corners of this wonderful store will definitely put a smile on your face…I promise you!


For those not aware the store also houses the wonderful Cafe and Bakery called THE MAD TEAPOT, which is house of great coffee, tea, cakes and also an eclectic food menu. One has to visit the space surround by the colors and products of the store and you get to shop and then sit down for a great meal. And the treats waiting on those trays are just yummlicious.

My pick in the cup if from their NeedleWork Collection seen below.

The store has these amazing chairs which are must have in the kilm and graphic textiles which are the most amazing decor accents in any interiors. For me this chair was the perfect addition for my book corner and loved the Industrial designed Lamp to complete the space.

I think I just Found the perfect Stuffed toy for my Xmas presents and those Wall Mirror installations are great for those picturesque home corners and also for kids rooms.

Hmmm which FLOWERS shall i get for my walls now, decisions decisions decisions!!! Let us have some great coffee in those Signature  Needlework Design cups which are just the best while we decide !


Jacket: Scotch & Soda | Trousers : Custom made | Hat: Tie Rack | Shirt : Marks & Spencer | Bowtie: StreetShopping | Scarf: DilliHaat

Shoes: Bally | Belt: Gucci | Stone Ring: Amrapali | Earstuds: Kohar Jewels

WISHES ALL AROUND!!…..special mention the Light Cages which are every lovely.


If you like Tea parties as much as me then this store has some of the best setting options for you. The  great selection of ceramic cups with quirky patterns and  Wisteria Tea Napkins to set the table. I loved this collection of the Blue and Orange Tea Set so much that i designed to dress to match it!!. Don’t miss the great garden shear Nakpin Rings. And let me say with the Tea…that chocolate cupcake on the plate…I had three , Bliss!!

I was super confused to figure out which Glasses and Tea Boxes to buy and you can see why, the choices are endless and you are spoilt for choices. But since it was an orange moment i settled for the the great cut Amber colored facet Set. What do you think!?


Jacket: Zara Men | Jeans : H&M | Hat: Tie Rack | Shirt : Balenciga| Bowtie: Claymango|

Sequin Lapelpin: Felix Bendish | Shoes: Pedro | Belt: Gucci | Silver Ring: Amrapali | Coin earrings: Amrapali

Concept, styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal

Follow THE WISHING CHAIR on https://www.wishingchair.in/ and read up on the great ideas of the Decor elements can be used and their blog&styleguides. You can also find more about THE MAD TEAPOT on https://www.zomato.com/ncr/the-mad-teapot-the-wishing-chair-golf-course-road-gurgaon!

Well its literally a wrap up for 2018, saying God Bless to you all and heres much to look forward to the coming year

Stay happy, Stay blessed and have a wonderful year end…..Much Love !







  • Raksha


    Such a cool and beautiful place. I love those stylish chairs. And I would love a coffee and a cake while shopping, what else could one want? I will check out the Mad Teapot.

    • admin

      do visit and great place for gifts too

  • Tina


    you have had a great photoshoot i can see. Love the decor at WIshing Chair. Coffee and cake while shopping is a great idea.

    • admin

      yep ive had some lovely moments and gifts there

  • Docdivatraveller


    I love your Gucci belt! And yes I am a sucker for Pinterest worthy decor tea parties! This post was a treat to my eyes.

    • admin

      i love HIGH TEA to be honest and such a indulgent treat it is to be sure

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    What an excellent sense of style! You really know how to dress up, no matter which time of the year. I can take a few cues from this post and refresh my wardrobe 🙂

    • admin

      we must go and get a meal togther rahul and talk shop

  • Manisha


    You have a great styling sense, liked both your jackets. The decor ideas are wonderful will check the shared link.

    • admin

      glad u enjoyed the post and also the space, its such a quirky setting

  • Sundeep


    The store has amazing chairs and beautiful lamp. And love the collection of the blue and orange tea set. Will check the link for designer cups. What an enviable collection…

    • admin

      yes my friend and esp with all your travels there is some great gifts to take

  • Gurjeet Chhabra


    The store has amazing collection , surely attractive and classic pieces which make any place beautiful

    • admin

      yes there is so much to choose from for sure

  • Raks


    This looks like an awesome place to buy gifts. I love those pretty beautiful collections they have and how amazing they look. I will definitely visit this store.

    • admin

      Yes and great ideas for decor, kids, and the cafe is very nice too

  • Jenifer


    Why don’t u try Bollywood or TV.

    I like ur persona and all the outfits u wear.

    This outfit & background sync perfectly or is it a photography skill?
    Loved it totally and also the color.

    • admin

      wow thanks for the kind words , haha guess that ship has sailed in this lifetime but for now am enjoying how life goes

  • Mumtaz Surani Merchant


    What a wonderful concept and who would deny the coffee and cake with the shopping spree ! Awesome interiors and definitely very good photography

    • admin

      absolutely and lets hope they open through this madness after covid

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