‘Varnam’ | Craft Creations By 100% Creative Artisans of Channapatna


Varnam Craft Collective is a multi-grant winning social enterprise that has been working with craftsmans in Channapatna since 2012. From making a progression of 200 years old expressions for Toys, Home and Lifestyle space that incorporates Lighting, Kitchen, Dining and Bar Accessories, Kids room style/toys and Jewelry, to forming other art groups inside India.

Varnam Crafts

Here is to what Varnam has to state to their customers, “Come in and we promise to make you smile”

Discover perfectly Handmade toys, Homeware for wine & dine, table lamps, storages, revive, light(lamp), gond art, floor lamps/drop pendants. Apparel in classy motif patterns like ajrak, bagh prints, sanganer prints, the Indigos’ alongside some elegant mix of extras like bangles, bejewel, earrings, neckpieces, and numerous other rich styles of Varnam are on merry sale, snap to SHOP NOW


Varnam Crafts
P.C: @varnamstore

Look at the most well known artworks, toys and some unique styles of Varnam underneath: 

1. Channapatna
Channapatna is known as gombegala ooru (toy-town) of Karnataka. A notable toy crafting added to its woes with a touch of modern art that has a utilitarian value and an aesthetic of the current era. The result has indicated an alternate & beguiling lifestyle that has exhibited the versatility of this conventional toy-create and augmented its allure. Channapatna has now crawled out of the nursery to liven up kitchens and living spaces.

2. Mens Shirts 
The heritage of any garment, originates in the manner in which it has been made and conceptualized. Varnam carried out a fundamental job in enhancing the excellence of textiles unavoidably and certainly with more than one specialty style. A range of custom-made cotton clothes has acquired the excellence of customary patterns. Range of products like block prints of Gujarat & Rajasthan, and various block prints of Bagru, Dabu, Sanganer and kutch has shown the variant in men styling. Varnam made sure of each and every detailed task to be their own style with various regular colors, beat (cotton) patterns and quirk.   

Note: Do check the ‘Measurement Chart’ before proceeding for any purchase | CC: @varnam

Washing Note: Handblock printed shirts: No shrink, Easy to wash, Fits well (no tummy issues) | Ikat Shirts: A little shrink (pick size as per notes)

I’m sure you will cherish the subtleties of ‘Varnam Crafts’, visit them on the web or meet them at their stores.You will without a doubt wind up purchasing an item with a legacy joined to it. Participate in the journey and become a storyteller.

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  • Sundeep


    Amazing initiative to revive the traditional artisans with current styles.Such a modern twist to the 200 year old craft. And I love these adorable block printed shirts.

    • admin

      you guys must get some for yourselves

  • Vashi


    our hand crafted beauties have been our long lost love and i’m so glad that its revival & respect is being brought back in our times. Always the one to embrace & flaunt the beauty . Love these hand crafted toys & beautiful shirts.

    • admin

      well said and this is so crucial for us isnt it

    • admin

      and also we all do our part in sharing the legacy to celebrate it

  • Noor Anand Chawla


    Wow these handmade crafts are really beautiful! I would love to order some for myself and my home. Thank you for sharing!

    • admin

      glad u enjoyed this and would advise u to see the brand for sure

  • Jenifer


    Vocal pe local. Nice to know about them & liked their work too.
    Detail info u have shared. Will check with them.

    • admin

      glad you liked the post, so much to see them!!

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    Local artisans need to be promoted, more so in this pandemic. Thanks to your post, I got to know about Channapatna. I plan to buy handmade toys from them.

    • admin

      yes please do also as gifts and items to share with people as you are buying a legacy

  • Raksha


    Oh my god such a lovely post. When I was little Channapatna used to be my most favourite place in the world. I used to force my dad to take me there every weekend so I could buy those toys. Thanks for this brought me back my childhood memory.

    • admin

      thats incredible oh wow, i still need to visit

  • Akash Kapadi


    Varnam crafts looks amazing (go local) , good art to keep at for display . I have to visit Channapatna to check this art and buy it from Varnam crafts . Shirt has beautiful design.

    • admin

      Yes you must try it , it makes such a statement

  • Tina Basu


    The green shirt looks so bright and beautiful.we love Chenapattana toys in our house. I am all vocal for local.

    • admin

      yes we must all do our part isnt it

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