Umang Hutheesing: “A Royal Culture Revivalist”


Get to know “Umang Hutheesingh”, a royal culture revivalist. Well no uncertainty, Umang Hutheesing is a historian/ curator and designer bringing back the magnificent legacy from the treasures of Hutheesing family & known for his immense work in revisiting crafts in this genre. A champion for the cause, he was inspired by the ‘rich history’ to create an everlasting legacy with his heritage history, legacy makes, and tasteful creativity.

Image cr: The Les Derniers Maharaja, an exhibition of Royal Indian Costumes from the Deepak & Daksha Heritage Collection, curated by Umang for YSL Foundation, Paris, in 2010, which was on display for five months  |  Sourced by The Telegraph

Looking back; unions with the Nehru and Tagore family, coordinated efforts traversing the globe, and optimising the fortunes of the family have promoted the noteworthy genealogy in Gujarat.

Image cr: Umang Hutheesing boasts a heritage from 1,200 years ago  |  Sourced by The Telegraph

1. The historical backdrop of India has been the most famous for its ancient art & craft, commands the universe of fashion & art in historical patterns. An age-old method never goes off-beat, silhouettes and styling, the bandhgala coat appeared here is a lush token of rich sherwani in quieted ivory with huge floral themes. String work weaving and balance by his trademark weaved peach shaded tones. The detailed marodi work is an exquisite articulation to make for your wedding occasions this year and is a conversation must have..

2. Note the captivating weaving designs in imperial trademark style, genuinely denoting his master as a revivalist. A narrator in his own privilege and having the option to return to age old techniques, silhouettes and styling, the bandhgala coat appeared here is a rich token of what we should celebrate particularly in this coming wedding season. Concentrating here on Umangs love which praises the universe of the RAJ in its innate inheritance of materials and details. The rich velvet really says its all.

3. Bringing the modern into the legacy is also seen in these gorgeous embroidered striped Tux jackets that are trademark of what he does so well. Knowing his clients and his work well, he is not shy to borrow the contemporary into his designs although the detailing remains rooted in history.

More of “Umang Hutheesingh”

Image cr: Umang with MK Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur and his bride Nivritti Kumari of Odisha.  |  Sourced by The Telegrapha

From making the most luxurious outfits that calm your little pocket to holding a heritage to 1,200 years & in love sporting ‘Khadi Kurtas’. Umang prodigious apparel, amazing gems, and the show he performs stay unequaled till day. Redesigns refined style and the assortment presents – Rich Brocades, Silks, and Velvets as they hit the dance floor with sensitive Chiffons and Shimmers enlivening the radiance of the former period. Great Sarees, Kalidar Ghaghras, and Anarkalis, lavishly assembled Gheras, Bandis, and Blouses are complemented with Odhanas and Dupattas all luxuriously adorned for the present Maharani’s.

So when someone asked him, “what luxury means to him?”

His answer was pretty straight and astonishing of course, “My Grandmother in a starched white khadi saree, smelling of mogra.” According to him, royalty is more of sticking with ‘old-fashioned styles’, a ‘royal cultural revivalist’. 


Image cr: Princess Mriganka Kumari of J&K, granddaughter of Karan Singh in a Hatheesing design  |  Sourced by The Telegraph

There is a lot more left to share. Check Umang Hutheesingh Bridal Collection here & For more info visit the website of ‘Umang Hutheesingh’

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