Inspiration in furniture Design truly has no bounds. Living in a country surrounded by a myriad of cultures, festivals, food the expanses of India is a inspiration mood board that is truly endless. The Journey of the BaldEagle crosses into various realms of design as always and has perched here to be inspired by the amazing works of the Design House of DCI which is under the creative eye of Parth Parikh.  Graduate from the famous Domus Academy, Milan the his vision for the brands journeys across crafts & techniques in furniture making which interfaces with customs and colors of  India.

The Story here focuses on key star pieces and my personal favourites from the Safa & Phoolmandi Collection which is inspired from the Magic of Rajasthan.

Phoolmandi Collection

The name itself conjures visual images of local flower markets i.e “Mandis” across the state. Miles of floral stalls, the heavy fragrances, colorful arrangements and the many decorations are a visual story that stays with always. In selecting from childhood memories, Parth settled on the Magic Marigolds as the base of the inspirations. The brown jute floral bags, the vibrant yellows and oranges has translated into a series of exciting stools, ottomans and even a folding bed. Each piece in the collection is inspired by different visual sights seen in the markets and then captured into these captivating designs which are treat in any Interior Space.

Focused here are the Folding Phulwari Bed which is perfect for Interior spaces and also on Patios and open decks. The Latkan Stool is super fun and can be placed as an accent in any setting, perhaps even with the bed . All pieces made with resilient fabrics the exposed stitch details and the Phool explorations are seen in the throws and seats.

Outfit Details

 Nehru Jacket: Custom designed by Thebaldeagle.in | Shirt: Ekmatara | Dhoti: FabIndia

Mojris: Vansons | Jewelry: Personal collection | Styling: Thebaldeagle.in

Images shown also of the very popular Tokri Pouf and the Gathri Stool. Also showcasing a Moodboard of Mandi Images, which shows the translations in the design.

Image credits: Parth Parikh, Designclinicindia.

Safa Collection

The Safa Turban is a trademark with the Menfolk of Rajasthan. Its banded interwoven construction is amazing and gives it many identities. Interestingly the way the turban is made, its base colors/ textiles are also different across various tribes of people. The local prints and its amazing colors have been captured by endless photographers in books all across the world. A “Safa” is one of the most indefinable images of the state. Therefore its only natural how it became a must inspiration for Parth to convert it into these quirky chairs and stools.

The padded seats in the chairs which are designed in a minimal framework outline to showcase the contrast. For the stool, it literally looks like a turban on pronged top. Humour interfacing with function, the design is comfortable and available in a variety of finishes.

Outfit Details

Angrakha Muslin Shirt: Abhraham&Thakore | Drape Pants: Street shopping, Thailand |

Mojris: Vansons | Jewelry: Personal collection | Styling: Thebaldeagle.in

Images of the chairs in Steel and Mild Steel also shown with a MoodBoard of Safa imagery.

Image credits: Parth Parikh, Designclinicindia. Hope you enjoyed the details and this colorful journey as much as I did. Please do check the team facebook page and instagram handle on the links below!

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  • https://www.instagram.com/designclinicindia/


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