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In  any conversation of Interior Design and textiles, the name of Sarita Handa has been synonymous in the industry of design innovation rooted in the base of Indian heritage and craft. Celebrating 25 years in this journey and taking our rich textures to a global platform and supporting the legacy of our master craftsmen and also bring modern variations into its techniques, design and keeping the glorious past the company established in 1992 celebrated this special day in this 2 day exhibition of art and textile  at the legendary Bikaner House, New Delhi held on 28th– 29th October 2017.

A kaleidoscope of renewal, rebirth, reinvention and regeneration of design, textile and art, the event celebrates the past and toasts new beginnings. Spearheaded by the creative team at Sarita Handa, Delhi-based textile designer and curator Mayank Mansingh Kaul and designed by Amit Chhabra the event promises to be a visual and spiritual treat rooted in and inspired by the vast heritage of traditional Indian textiles.


The amazing part of the show was the creative projects of the artist collaborations of 4 visionary artists Satish Gupta, Gunjan Arora and Rahul Jain, Arrti Mansinghka and Jeevan Xavier interpreted in various mediums like video, weaving and canvas in their own individual style using signature Sarita Handa textiles.  It represents a new series of initiatives that celebrate collaborations between art and textiles to bring forth ‘the art of textiles’.

Focusing on my article here are some of the images and my personal interactions with these works and how inspiring they were for me personally on many levels.

ALL FROM NOTHING by Gunjan Arora & Rahul Jain

A rendition of thread work worked intricately to symbolise life and its many struggles through the understanding that life is not ” black or white” . The magic, acceptances and many explorations comes within the idea of the greys. Finding of the Middle path, its spiritual basis and to enable looking at the many perspectives of what is not obvious is a journey one can see within the idea of these collection  Personally loved the texturisation techniques  of the square 12×12 canvases which all individually were poetic and yet together formed a great story as one travelled between them. Well named in the title the usage of these waste textiles and threads and creating the story of life I personally found the work very inspiring in it concept and translation.




A sculptural tree Made in Copper and Patina, this great artist has based this installation on  the, Conference of the Birds from the original poem in Persian by the 12th century poet, Farid ud-Din Attar. The poem contains approximately 4500 lines. The poem uses a journey by a group of 30 birds, led by a hoopoe as an allegory of a Sufi sheikh or master leading his pupils to enlightenment. The journey of the birds takes them through the seven valleys of the quest, love, understanding, independence and detachment, unity, astonishment, and finally poverty and nothingness.

Read the synopsis on the link….https://birdsconf.wordpress.com/synopsis-of-the-poem/

The mesmerizing thing about the installation is the idea that the artist portrays, is how birds come and visit the tree within the sculpture and this in his mind is the journey of those living creatures in finding their knowledge and purpose as once was in the poem. The delicate printed and painted scrolls of the many birds are evocative of the poetry and the birds in conference. Truly brilliant.



Finally I did want to speak about the brilliant work of the artist  Arti Mangsinkha. These amazing canvases inspired by the holy river Ganga recreating its journey through sacred geographies using intricate textile patchwork was sight to behold. The level of detail which the artist has indulged within the creation of every single element in the landscape and how that was compiled from the usage of colored scraps of Handa factory waste is actually amazing.

Some of the images shared by the artist here during the work showcases the level of detail that is actually there within each of these works.  For example the image of the detail of the boat in which each texture and colors have been captured. You can also follow much more of her work her https://www.behance.net/arrtimansinghka. The artist has been kind enough to send me some of the images here of the work in progress. These show the great degree of intricacy that has been involved in putting these artworks together.


IMAGES from the show…….

Some of the Antique textiles from the Archives of Sarita Handa on Display from all over the world showcasing historical applications of weaving, motifs, colors and textile design.


The entire range of the Signature Patchwork Quilt Master Designs were out on Display as well which are now exported all over the world. One day I promise myself to get one of them.

Finally saying cheers to the great work of all these artists and of course the team from Sarita Handa, it has been such a revelation……here is to the next glorious 25 years!!!








  • Yogesh


    Mind-blowing works. I love with all Paintings made by threads. Concept of birds is awesome. The way artist present ganga river in canvases is just wow. Clothes patchwork stunning. Everything is just wow and ofcourse you r my favorite one.

    • admin

      what detailed wonderful analysis as always you see so much.

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