STYLE CHECK AT THE Jaipur Literature Fest, #JLF2017


This year The Jaipur Literature Fest as always was an amazing event wherein the greatest minds came together. As always combined with many conversations the Style check festival of visitors continued and there was reviews about expression of the personal style quotient in many platforms. Having met some wonderful writers and bloggers during the event here are two of the overages during the  showcase.


By Abhimanyu Rathore, Photo Blogger at ISHTAILISTA Documenting Street Style India Indian Fashion Popular Culture ✉

“Excitement at Jaipur Literature Festival is shooting through the sky, the lovers of this festival are flocking in from every corner of the globe. With attractive colors of the city and the festival in particular, the visitors too have decided to dress up in brights, although some were playing with darker colors too.

On Day Two, we explored a bit more around the festival to find interesting subjects that subtly blend fashion and literature together”……For the STORY and PHOTO Collage click on the link

Ikkat Suit: Custom designed by Subhashish Mandal |Shoes: Knight&Bond, |Socks: Happy Socks |Overcoat: HIDE Design |Bag: BALLY


By Lavanya Bhaguna, Daughter of the Sun. Frida Kahlo, Lana Del Ray, Virginia Wolf are my cocaine. blogger-in-chief IndianWomenBlog. gardener. pop up show

Who Wins The Fashion Battle On The 4th Day Of JLF’17 – Men Or Women? ,

For details click on the link


Special mentions are on the Temple Jewellery Collar by Acai. 

Black ensemble curated across from vintage elements in my wardrobe. The Bone and Turquoise bracelet is from Kathmandu and a notice on the drape pajamas which are from street shopping in the markets of Bangkok!!

Here is in Anticipation to 2018!!


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