The Brand KamaAyurveda is a household name in the world of beauty and skin care both in India and the global market. Widely acclaimed since its conception in 2002 as a premier product range in its genre, it celebrates the purest form of realisation from our heritage.  And most importantly it has a much customised range to suit the needs for us Menfolk.

The story told today is an intimate encounter with some of the Signature Men’s Range products that specially focuses on the nurturing care that we need. Keeping in the mind the stress of our daily lives, travel, the surrounding environments and its many challenges Kama provides solutions for all our needs. Unlike many Brands in the Industry, Kama realises the special challenges we have as men and provides us with Ayurvedic natural answers.

Credits: VM by Jasbir From KA| Image credits: Shashank Tyagi  ( www.sktphotos.com) |Makeup: Kabir

Multifaceted Facial Regime.

The Himalyan Deodar Face Cleanser  is the perfect start. Refreshing and deep cleaning the masculine Woody scent of the cream wash with its aloe and jojoba oil works on a multiple action of cleaning, hydrating and anti ageing. It also helps in shave prep for the skin and is a wonderful way to start giving you that fresh dose for the day. The application generates just the right amount of foam, without being overly soaped and you can feel the goodness as the wash happens. Perfect to follow up is the Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream  which has also the nutty overtones and coconut milk, sesame&olive oil. It hydrates and nourishes and sunscreen qualities. The amazing feel is that it completely is non greasy, contributes to anti ageing with that perfect understated fragrance.

For us men with the more challenging Rough skin, and if we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, a weekly regime of using The Himalayan Almond Scrub which is perfect for bringing that special cleansing. A multilayered recipe with the Almond Oils for nourishment and Saffron infusions, they help remove marks & spots. Personally this is one of my top favorites. As always with the natural ingredients, the final wash really is very effective.

I find a trio of this in your travel case keeps you naturally fresh always.

And if you’re wondering what will keep you freshly hydrated as you are on the go, the recommendation is  a sure bet with Vetiver Water . Earthy & rejuvenating it makes you feel refreshed for hours and balances the ph of your skin and keeps you moisturized. A very subtle fragrance it is something to suit for everyone. The fragrance is muted and it totally seeps in easily and you wont even realise that its caring from the inside.

Bathing Rejuvenated…The Himalayan Trilogy

Morning or day ends, as men we accept that our “bathing rituals” are one of the few acts wherein we do indulge in skincare. Unlike the fairer sex, who often take many more occasions to indulge themselves we don’t have the luxury or the inclination to do so. Kama realizes this well and has created the Bathing Magic Dedodar  range, keeping them natural, masculine& woody benefiting us on many fronts.

In the market infused with Bathing Bars, the Deodar Soap  is a special mention.  Infused with a Trilogy of Oils Coconut, Apricot & Cedar wood it’s a treat to use this I can tell you. The mixture of scents nourishes, indulges, scrubs and also helps against sun damage due to its anti oxidant formulae. I have been using this often and can assure you that you don’t need to look anywhere else. If you’re more of a bathing cream man then the obvious option is to go with the Body Cleanser . Chemical free, with infused scrubs, the lather which is just enough from it delivers on its promises of skin hydration, cleansing, exfoliates and of course keeps that signature woody perfumes that is perfect. Interestingly it has both the lacing of rose mixed with lemon which brings forth many of its intrinsic healing and rejuvenating qualities. I am truly amazed at the delicate recopies of these creations.

Following this refreshing bath use the Moisturizer from the same range. Keeping in the hydration, the skin does feel soft and supple post using. Your complexion tends to feel brighter, clearer; the skin tightens up with the various ingredient blends of lemon, beetroot, aloevera and oils protecting you on many levels.

Saying Goodnight

We all want a younger healthier skin, this is for sure. Studies clearly show that nighttime when we sleep in is when all the action happens within the body for skin care and renewal processes. Bring in anti ageing properties, reducing fine lines & dark circles, skin tightening with cell renewals and overall protection are all packaged into this bottle of wonder. The Night Cream for Men  with infusions of saffron, vetiver, Indian madder, lotus and aloe-vera has been created by Kama to keep us ahead of the game….always naturally!

ARE YOU CONVINCED YET!! I have to say I am now and sold forever on the KAMA quotient and if you are looking at that perfect gift suggestion this season of Fathers Day from the family and loved ones, the signature Beauty Regime is a store away for you. With wonderful offers and combinations and a signature Toiletry Bag I suggest you go and pick up your bottles of wonder. If no one has gifted it yet, treat yourself to the best skin care regime. After all you are a worthy investment isn’t it!!

INDULGE, Senors….!!


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