It was clandestine,
A secret in the forest…Just us two, no one was there but the solitude of nature
Across the water blue I could see only you
Textures in the art walls abound and I was transported
In what was magic.….yet even if only for a while!!

When you decide to run away to be far away in the secret for that special time away, nothing answers your prayers more than this beautiful Resort hidden away high in the forested hills enroute to the famous Kruger Reserve and Blyderiver Canyon, both very known locations when you visit South Africa. The magic sets in as one drives by the entrance totem pole signage up the hill. Dense vegetation and the mountain roads makes one wonder if there is actually a destination at the end of the drive. Little gateways, street signs set the mood on the way as one finally arrives to the driveway of the resort.

Welcome to Timamoon!!

The VALLEY View….Stupendous.

The villa where we stayed was no different. Called the Many Moons it comes through a gateway and shows interrupted views of the rooms and the infinity pool which overlooks the vista of the hills and forests. Designed as Art Villas in a what can be described only best as eclectic havens with overtones of Moroccan, Mediterranean and Zanzibar overtones of design elements, it is truly as an abode to disappear within for a while. The thematic furniture, an array of sculpture and art dot the walls which are painted in textured hues from the region. The tiled walls, rockery arched entrances, pitched roofs, brick walls and even the fireplace is all picture perfect. The curation of furniture, rugs to every accessory has been done beautifully to capture the essence of not only the local culture but also the artistic background of the family who own and manage the resort.

Special mentions on the many options of bathing within nature. The infinity pools have external showers which are placed within dense forest corners which makes you feel lost in nature in an abandon that is amazing. Look out for the treehouse viewpoint next to pool which overlooks the valley and the Sabie river. The villas are also equipped with Jacuzzis, tubs with views of the nature so you can soak with that glass of wine and book for hours. Bliss at every step!!

Views of the Villa and Pool, Viewpoint Cabana secretly ensconced within the Forest.

THE Magical Art Living Room facing the Pool and Valley! 

Master Bedroom with the Veiled Four Poster Bed.

A GuestBedroom as well and jump-in with the Satin Sheets, Bliss!!

Views of the Bathtub and Shower areas facing the Forest Vistas!!


 Selected Images of the ARTWORK in the villa showcasing the amazing curation!

The restaurant which has a breakfast porch which is set out facing a beautiful fish pond surrounded by trees. Each meal at Timamoon is set by superb chefs and made on beautiful preset menus which are changed every day for your ever changing palette. Meals end with the Cigar Lounge for those who wish to find that luxury lap before they come back to their villas to blend into the night with the sounds of the forest to keep you company. The aspect of art and sculpture continues with wonderful candelabras, chandeliers and installations all around. The statement wicker dining chairs were I must say breathtaking.

The Restaurant with the large Fish Pond facing the open Breakfast terrace

The POOL BAR in the middle of the Forest GROVE!


Details from the stone tables/ scones at breakfast and the stellar dinner plating on offer!!

The resort provides endless walks and activities which are mentioned on the website, http://www.timamoonlodge.co.za. Although my visit was short and I managed to get some short walks with peacocks for company I did feel this is definitely a location to come and embrace and sink in for a while……………………


Dont Wait, Paradise Awaits.


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