THE NUB OF DESIGN… Spindled by Patricia Urquiola.


The love affair of the perfect chair design is never ending. And in this journey there comes certain designs which will be everlasting through generations to come. In finding one such design with the well known company of Andreu World is the NUB chair. Eclectic, simple, crafted, the design is such that is timeless  in every way….from its conception to execution.

Conceived by the famous Patricia Urquoila, the form of design is based on the using the form of spindles in such a way that it creates a back rest with a rhythm in a widening form which fans out to create the signature shape. The design also acts as the lumbar supports in whichever direction you lean. The beech wood body form and spindles are taken to bring back also the idea of carpentered craftsmanship on the most fundamental level and takes cues from the “designers youth when she would play with the bobbins that her grandmother would use to make lace”. The rhythm of the nub in the alignment of the back fan design is what gives it this trademark aesthetic quality.

In the Details:

The Bar stool and Dining Chair

Tunic :Rajesh Pratap Singh| Drape pants: Tarun Tahliani| Gladiator sandals: Skin Sin

Ring: Studio Kassa.

Furniture setting images courtesy

The amazing quality of the chairs in its various options of armchairs, dining chairs, loungers and benches is that they just become magical in any setting. The effect of the shadows and patterns creates its own impact in any interiors as as well. My special favourite is the throne/lounger format of the chair which is really epic in its proportion and shape. A great size within which one can comfortable sink in the design has amazing applications for singular use or a more statement usage in larger contexts as seen in the website images below. Seen here is the complete black version of the same design.

In the Details:

The Throne Lounger

Blazer : Scullers| Drape pants: Street shopping, Thailand| Velvet sandals: Amorio, Jaipur

Lapel pin: | Pocket square: Scotch&Soda

Furniture setting images courtesy

Snapshot of the Designer,

Spanish by birth, and Italian by choice, Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain and studied architecture in Madrid before graduating from the Milan Politecnico in 1989. The key words for her work are: rigour and emotion, innovation and mental comfort. She was mentored by some of the masters of Italian industrial design: Achille Castiglioni oversaw her graduate thesis, and Vico Magistretti, with whom she designed her first projects. She learned her craft in Italy, and opened a studio in Milan in 2001, where she has developed a truly global enterprise. Some highlights from her career include her encounter with Maddalena de Padova (1990), her collaboration with Piero Lissoni (1996-2000), and her partnership with Patrizia Moroso (since 1998) which led to the design of the Step Sofa, eventually debuting at the Saloni Milano and launching her into the spotlight at the young age of 40.[1] Amidst all of these accomplishments, she had a stint at Lissoni Associati, beginning in 1993, where she developed furniture for Italian giants Cappellini and Cassina.[2] Her designs are unconventional, emphatic, and experimental, blending humanist sensibilities and technical expertise – qualities that also inform her work as an architect.


Inspiration of the Nub:

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