Chic Face Masks For Men’s | Covid-19 Protection


Fashion consistently finds a way.

From living with those medical shop masks to trendy and catchy handcrafted masks. I personally felt to ask you this question, how do you pick a mask?

Do you really go with that fashion forward look? 
Or on the other hand, 
What is your criteria on picking a style statement mask which also protects you?

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Prior to hopping to the range of masks. Check out what brands have to speak on making a style articulation with masks. The most effective method to pick a decent quality mask are:

  • Perfect Fit : Nose, Mouth & Chin to be covered well 
  • Basic Layers : 3 Layers, this repels the outermost bacterias 
  • Breathable : Choose wisely, don’t go so fancy 
  • Fire Test : Fibre check is must 
  • Affordable : No pocket bomb, please

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Mask Variants

mask variants

Let me share my masks stories that I have received & evaluated till date which are both looking at style game and practicality: 

1. Nova Eyewear Officials

Covid mask goals resemble a striking styling statement that won’t go dull. Look at the charmed mix combination of camouflage mask and protective shades, intriguing right? Want to know about Nova products, read my insta story
Shop Now.

2. WildCraft

Wild Craft made sure to keep comfortness to a prior point. The deliberately built Flexi-fit Neck Strap, that definitely comes free with each W95+ Supermask™. Trust me it’s overly simple to wear and one can seriously deal with it with no hustle. Snap here to explore a wide range of masks.  Performance? High Level! 
Shop Now

3. FabIndia

Shaping the great style of local art work. These fabric masks are high in economic sustainability and can go well with various fashionable clothings. Looking for something that imitates your search for the afternoon? FabIndia created such delicate detailed masks which will never go off track from becoming a style statement.   
Shop Now

Keep in mind, on the off chance that anything that bothers you while wearing such masks, don’t panic in the circumstances.  Just avoid them and get a mask which suits your body and which suits your body and does some additional consideration of your hygiene. 

Whilst there are plenty of various products available, there are some specific ones that are geared for human skins and allow comfort and safety.

Stay Home & Stay Safe, this implies one ought to abstain from going out habitually until it’s basic business work (Consider any.).

With the impulse of wearing a face mask enforced from the month of April 2020, but the question here is how can we comply with such trends without compromising on styling.

I have a soft corner for camouflage designs, which one do you like the most?

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  • Cindy Dsilva


    Wow I didn’t know they had masks which pertain to a particular gender. They look quite good. Especially the nova one with the sunglasses.

    • admin

      i think these are all gender neutral though but tried to show how it could become a style and safety quotient

  • Gurjeet Chhabra


    I love all the mask . They are stylish with fashion sense. no fashion in Covid-19 thats not right. Walk with style with this fashionable mask, i just love it.

    • admin

      thank u so much, so kind:)

  • Ishieta


    trust you to find the right fashion statements for masks too! i like the collection you have found – these look good while being effectively safe for everyday use.

    • Jhilmil D Saha

      I have been eyeing some stylish masks for a long time for my brother. These look like the best option not only for the cool designs but also for the useful features.

      • admin

        hope we all make the most of the new normal

    • admin

      much appreciated, thanks for enjoying the blog

  • Vashi


    I am now going fashion forward with masks now but my prime requisite is it should serve the purpose & ve breathable fabric too; i too have tried fab India & many home grown brands sending co-ord masks with outfits & they look good & comfy.
    I loved these stylish masks you are sporting.

    • admin

      thnaks Vashi yes the fabindia ones are soft and easy to breathe in, i agree

  • Seema masali


    I must say this is one of the few well written and well explained post regarding masks. I never knew so much in detail regarding masks and their types. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      glad u enjoyed the read Seema

  • Ujjwal Mishra


    Masks are here to stay, adding some style to it takes away the monotony. Liked the designs.

    • admin

      thanks buddy!!

  • Amritha Srinath


    Wow, I must say you have indeed brought the style element in wearing masks. They all seem to look comfortable and breathable while serving the purpose.

    • admin

      thanks a lot Amritha

  • Hansa Kajaria


    U always manage to add style to anything that you wear. I’m liking the fact that now masks are also being given a consideration and become a part of fashion statement but we shld also make sure that these mask also provide us with the safety that is required. I find it difficult to breath in any kind of masks as I’m asthmatic so the best solution for me is to refrain frm stepping out.

    • admin

      i can understand and it makes it difficult , thats why i use the cloth ones mainly but they are not as helpful

  • Tina Basu


    wow, you have listed some good masks for men. We are using 95 masks currently because the situation is extremely bad here.

    • admin

      yes i have those too and we all mix and match based on what location we are in

  • Jenifer


    You have redefined the importance of mask with fashion. This way even I want to flaunt out- with safety & style.

    • admin

      yes and we all hope to do it safe and well

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    These masks are a style statement now. Wow! Is there something you can’t do. You can make any accessory look a million dollar merchandise. Kudos to you man

    • admin

      thank u buddy, your the best 🙂

  • Docdivatraveller


    Well this is a much needed post! With masks being the new normal, it’s better that we make it a style statement!

    • admin

      yes and while we get around have some fun

    • admin

      glad u enjoyed the looks and ideas

  • Sundeep


    Face masks looked different in starting when this covid19 started in India. The ones at medical stores or online platform were that surgical masks. But as the pandemic (covid19) spread across the country, and face masks became compulsory for everyone fashion brands started making these fashionable and amazing masks. I really love the mask made by FABINDIA.

    • admin

      yes i totally agree and we need to keep changing and replenishing so the cloth masks are good options unless ure in a very dense zone

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