Kimono for ‘Men’ why not?

Kimono for men

You might be wondering what is kimono?

Kimono for Men, I didn’t realize that as a trend?

What are the highlights for making this a Men’s Staple. Let’s have a wider view of what fashion experts have to talk about kimono & its versatility.

Kimono Styling

One of the most historic legacy in garments from time immemorial and constantly evolving, hence symbolize longevity and good fortune.

The wide styled sleeves styled with precise cuts look is the perfection of any dapper sartorial gentleman for sure. Interestingly they are not easy to construct and based on the final shape require innovation and precision. While watching a man wearing a kimono will be, “look at that pattern, this looks so interesting and different’. It surely, the doubt goes well with a work-look book too based on patterns and how it’s simplified against its more patterned peers. Frankly speaking, I would totally advise considering this and its avatars as part of your wardrobe.

Kimono for men

Men kimonos are perfect clothing for the one who prefers to go sartorial, edgy, and elegant during any season. The Summers work with a geometric, textured garment that gives a breeze inside-out. One might find numerous types of kimono wherein one of the informal kinds of patterns is called ‘Yukata.’ These come in more clean shapes/ designs and are now being turned into shorter more global applications. In winters you can use the more silken, padded even embroidered versions based on how brave you want to be.

A perfect fusion of legacy with contemporary fashioning which goes well with various seasons in the way it is layered. Inspire the people around you and create an exceptional look with the ‘Kimono’, trust me you will be accessorizing your wardrobe with kimono’s shirt, over shirts, robes and other clothing after reading this, Wohu!!

  1. Can I wear kimono to work?
    Definitely yes, you’re all free to set a pair of kimono in your own styling manner. Never be afraid to pick some nice neutrals with interesting lapel and make an elegant statement. Pair up with tailored accessories along with formal jeans, casual bottoms, and feel a new life – a new look into your office routines. 
  1. How do you wear Long kimono?
    Wear it as an open drape (as a jacket) and add minor details like traditional shorts, tees, and accessories to add a perfect glam to the beauty of the statement. You can also wear it as a jacket with a  belt on it for a cinched look. Pair the garment, beautifully with anything you’re comfortable within. Essential to make sure that it looks and feels,  cheerful like summer and you are sorted. Or dressy as you may like.
  1. How do men wear a kimono shirt?
    Popular in today’s offerings across shelves are a series of belted, buttoned clean line designs from brands. They can be worn as is or as a jacket. The style cues on the website below also show ideas of how they work. Put your stamp on it.
Kimono for men
  1. Can I use kimono as loungewear?
    Indeed, you can, long kimono styles can be worn in multiple ways. Wear it in the form of a shrug, jacket, shirt, also as a bathrobe and loungewear. In fact, it can be worn in all the ways you’re comfortable within.  Dress it down or up!
Kimono for men as loungewear
  1. Are kimonos a style statement of 2020?
    A big YES, kimono is an evergreen styling statement for all the fashionistas out there. Kimono creates a versatile option, in working from casual to professional styling for the experimental dapper man. All in all, it’s a fashion investment that stays and gives you endless benefits.
  1. From where can I buy a kimono?
    Online Purchases:
    Ajio | Veromoda | Koovs | Andamen | Amazon | Flipkart | Shein | Shoppersstop | Life Style Stores | Myntra | Club Factory | Yayukata | Kimonoshi

Arg, lockdown 4.0 doesn’t seem to be a happening one for sure. In case if you’d missed my prev. blog feed here is the link of work from home styling!

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