As many of you in my past posts would have seen, I am definitely a man who likes his collection of jewelled accents which are staple accessories  in all my looks. The idea of the eclectic curated mix  celebrating craft and tradition has been key in every  post.

In previous posts such as the Suited Wine, The Essential Traveller there is a play of the amazing collections from the House of Absynthe Design. In many of the more Indian themed outfits there is collections which I have built over the years in  more traditional styles but I always try and bring in some fun combinations which tend to surprise and interest as in The Tale of Two Sherwanis. The royal legacy of the Kings and Noblemen, there has always been the penchant of earrings, rings, medals, buttons, necklaces which have been used in  ways to accentuate not just an outfit but create a special style statement. Social standing was often key by virtue of what jewels one wore. Today the modern man especially in the western context has moved into the world of bracelets, medallions, rings and ear studs frequently to up their style game. Very often the watch itself is a very important jewelled accessory, thus contributing to the multi billion dollar industry. For the Indian men with our history and many formal occasions like the grand weddings,  we have a much larger library to choose from. This series of chapter  here are to explore exactly that.

In the story setting below there are many different ideas. Each set here explores  combinations of settings, materials, from varied genres.


For those not initiated, “Polki is made of unfinished natural diamonds – those that come in their natural shape and don’t need any polishing or finishing. They are mined from the earth in their natural state and used in jewelry. As a design form it made its way into India by the Mughals who loved their precious diamonds in their natural form. Polki jewelry is made of gold foil or gold framing at the back to bring the stones together.”

The set shown here is centred on the  thematic of peacocks which is seen in the design for the royal ring and the  larger carat polkis are also captured in the studs. The kada which is like a traditional bracelet design has nature motifs and the peacocks at its ends where the clasp is fitted.


Jewellery Set : Earrings and Ring by Ameythyst by Rahul Popli | Kada by Amrapali.


The classic floral pattern as seen here comes from age old designs especially from Rajasthan. Traditionally the men wear flat ear studs which are designed in different forms of floral patterns. Taking the design further is this emerald an Ruby petal design in the ear studs designs by Amethyst. It is accentuated with the statement ring which brings in some of the staple colors of kundan white, green, red and gold.  I found the circled ring around the flower a rather interesting contemporary accent which one does not often see.  To complement the ring is this classic Jade Band which accompanies the set.

“ Kundan is the oldest form of craftsmanship, even older than polki work, especially in India.  Kundan is essentially glass – it can be precious or semi-precious depending on the stone used. It’s polished to make it look more intricate. It’s more to do with setting gemstones in gold jewellery with all its craftsmanship and detailing, is a kind of art form made famous by the craftsmanship in Rajasthan.”


Jewelry Set : Earrings Amethyst by Rahul Popli | Jade Ring : Street market, Singapore | Floral Kundan Ring: Cottage Emporium, Jaipur.

Pearled Ideas

Tradition celebrated here in these amazing designs with  Boondi peals used in this ear stud and ring design. The coins are part of the detail are set into as classic temple jewellery pattern in the placements seen often in South India. Teamed with the classic gold Swatch design this is something that will always be a conversation starter. Also note the continuity of the circular form that all the pieces have.



Jewelry Set : Earrings and Ring: Damini, Chennai | Watch : Swatch, vintage design!

Mixed Metals

Not very often come across both antique and contemporary design wherein there is a combination of different materials. These create designs which surprise and bring forth interesting variations of how things can come together in design. Again the overlap of the modern and the classic is seen in the curation.

Combinations here in the ear studs are in antique silver and gold crest made from old coins. The ring is an amazing design combining brass and copper which is very post modern as a contrast. A vintage styled watch which is set with multiple dials against vintage mother of pearl setting and gold accents.


Earrings: Amrapali | Ring: StudioKassa | Watch: Nautica .

Hope you enjoyed the combinations here folks. Well that is it for the Chapter 1 collection…..happy reading and enjoy the shine! And looking forward to hearing your personal Jeweled stories.


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