AN INDUSTRIAL revelation…..Making of The Design Village


As an Architect and Interior Designer there are always some projects that are more special than others . The redesigning of an existing ruined factory complex, into the new campus for The Design Village with the company Archohm under the vision of its head Sourabh Gupta is for me one of those. Although most of my ID projects are on the link…. but I did feel that I wanted to share this one on my Blog as well for all your great folks out there.

The design process was nothing short of an adventure. When I saw the site first, I was taken aback at the volumes and the vision in mind and did have some preliminary doubts. In the time frame of 2-3 months the school was to be ready to take students and it was clear that the task in hand was mammoth but  truly exciting. Unlike many assignments wherein details/ drawings/ planning and schedules fall into place this was more of an organic process. As one excavated more into the walls and floors of the old factory which used to produce Katha. The residue/ stains and chemicals were embedded in the walls and the many machinery stood as loose sculptures across the old space as a reminder of the past. The building had old walls and ceilings and next to no natural light which as one knows is not right for a school. The evolution of bringing light into the spaces by breaking open roofs, treating the walls and working with pure natural materials under a tight budget was the way to go from the start. Using graphics and the brand ethos the design evolved across the many hours to become to become a inspiration board from various design disciplines.

A view of the OLD factory Factory at the start of the Project. Image credit: Andre Fanthome.

The typical view of the dumped old halls which were to become classrooms.  Image credit: Andre Fanthome.

A during construction view of how the halls and spaces looked while the rubble was being cleared.  Image credit: Andre Fanthome.

Although there are many many images but in trying to showcase to you how the conversion came to the “Before and After” here are the images sequentially to help clear the scale of change.

Entrance Hall & Gallery

A during construction view of existing machinery and the raw walls and the Final space in the brand color and industrial details. Stone floors, brand color walls, using existing reinforcements to create patterns and of course using machines as the important focal points.

Image credit: Andre Fanthome.

Gallery Staircases and Amphitheaters


 Image in B&W from the initial condition of the site and the revised Look with the gallery staircases, concrete walls and panelled stepped amphitheaters which are envisioned as open classrooms. The natural raw pine wood enclosure opens into raw exposed stained windows showcasing the original stained walls of the original construction which acts as reminder artwork of the before.


The main attraction in the outdoor cafe is the way the stone flooring, corrugated roofing existing stage levels frame the many existing machines in a sculptural way which offsets the creativity of the space. Industrial themed furniture made from the machines add to the magic of the theme like the Transformer Discussion Table below. Image credit: Andre Fanthome.



The existing mezzanine work halls were changed into vibrant spaces with brand colored flooring, white painted volumes and furniture which combined with wall installations and using machine prop designed tables became inspiring spaces for larger studios like the Computer room & Library Image credit: Andre Fanthome.



Across the entire campus is a series of industrial installations and branding color applications against the Raw concrete walls of the space. Some images to showcase the energy of the design elements.

The entrance wall with the Embossed Logo and Pipe Bench.


Machinery displayed as sculptures and display stands.

The entrance gallery with a spotlight on a pipe installation overlooking a skylight courtyard.

Hope you guys enjoyed the project!!!

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    Wow. Great work. love that transformation . I would love to visit this beautiful spaces that vibrant colors adds glory in space. I wish I could b part of this project. Inspiring.

    • admin

      when you visit i will take u for sure

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