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Fascination is the ideal word that describes my feelings with the styling & designs from the ‘House of Three’.  I have admired their detailed approach, which they follow in varied design genres. Despite the fact that it is difficult to stand apart with the battle of trends versus sustainability, a refined example that a large portion of the market often looks at. This article I hope takes a window into that adoration towards crafts and a focus towards being responsible.

House Of Three Highlights

A “House Of Three” outfit; to me is a perfect blend of beautiful textiles & signature prints, craftsmanship, this in common is what their designs embody. Although I have featured with the brand before, I am now focusing on some of the beautiful handmade masks and showcasing a signature print from their recent collection. The vibrant graphic signature artwork in the jackets above, is in sharp contrast to the delicate “chikankari kurta” set seen below. But in all they revisit the handmade in every layer. Henceforth and for always,  a foundation of the design team of sounaksenbarat and anushyamsundar 

No doubt, “House Of Three” is a brand whom I resonate with especially in ethos, vocal for locals to be highlighted here. Do connect with your local community and try out their creative textiles stylings & bring resurgence of lovely specialties from the nation over in promoting their work. This is NOW THE CALL OF the hour ever more so.

Wondering about ‘House Of Three’?

‘House of Three’ is a soul committed to design various prominent designs of modern art life in an ethical light that directs the significant specialty of Indian culture & architecture based in Bangalore. 

4 Distinct lines of Couture, Prêt, Diffusion, Menswear and along with home decor


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    Time to match your style with some elegant designs & a perfect statement for those occasions…the collection of the masks are such a treat to select from . You can see some details in the video and the images below tell you the rest. The fine embroidery, artwork, print and appliques are a visual treat.

Ps: A brand that I resonate especially with in their ethos, working with the nearby network and bringing resurgence of lovely specialties from the nation over in making their mark assortments.

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House of three

  • Raksha


    Looks like an awesome collection. I love chikankari stuff, I have so many kurtas and that white kurta you are wearing is so classy and different.

    • admin

      yes this is one of my FAV pcs actually and the details are amazing

  • Sundeep


    These cotton and linen face masks are so summer ready what with these tropical prints etc. The chikankari kurta is a classic, evergreen and a must for every wardrobe.

    • admin

      yes so true and the cut is actually so great, the masks are super beautiful

  • Yogesh Kapadi


    Amazing collection, the prints, design and fine embroidery are unique. Vocal for local is very much needed!

    • admin

      Yes so true and we have to do so much to help the movements here

  • Jenifer


    Yes, I was wondering what is House of 3? But now I know.

    No doubt I liked their artistic & unique work.
    I will shop the mask especially for myself & also recommend others.

    • admin

      glad u liked them and also the ceramics are truly beautiful.

  • Seema Wadhwa


    Wow, I’m in awe of their artistic collection. I especially loved the prints. Those masks are super duper beautiful
    All the pictures were such a treat to the eyes ☺️

    • admin

      much appreciated, thanks so much:)…..glad u enjoyed the post

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    OMG I love the masks you’re wearing. If I want to step out post Covid19, I would want to sport these masks. What aesthetics man ☺️

  • Docdivatraveller


    The masks are so eye catching! Also anything that supports sustainability, I am always game for them. The chikankari kurta is awesome too.

  • Snigdha


    The masks are looking great. The embroidery and finishing is perfect. I also love the kurta .

  • Tina Basu


    That is an amazing collection and I am totally in for local artisanal responsible fabrics and work.

  • Naveen rajput


    Loved that Artistic Cushions and Table ware , Amazing work done . Thanks for sharing them with us .

    • admin

      glad u enjoyed the article, its a great brand to be sure

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