THE G SHOCK Bloggers Show….India Runway Week 2017


India Runway week , this season 2017 worked on a an event with a difference. Although most fashion shows bring in models… Casio G shock India worked on creating an event bringing with the Overlay of Street Fashion, a show with the city Bloggers and Local influencers on the ramp . Keeping the mood light and funky , the show cued to point, by the very talented stylist&show choreographer Rishi Raj was a total burst of mad energy on stage. Every participant has been part of the local market, and Casio G shock and Baby G worked on the concept of bring this talent and real people on stage to have s show that is an original concept to show off their sporty watches. Kudos to the team on bringing together this event in place.

I was honoured to be a part of this event and get a chance to be in the limelight . The personal experience of being in the lights and the music and working off with the energy of all the other Bloggers is a memory to treasure. The team really managed to keep the informal spirit and yet bring out the best of the product against the overlap of the Denim Street Style look which was the concept. The colourful fun watches of the brand against the textures of the Denim and the many looks was created so each Blogger could bring his own individual style to the fore.

I was lucky to get a Super YELLOW accent watch which is one of my favourites to work on my rather Industrial Denim Look. The curation of the denim look came from Korra Jeans whose story I recently featured in my blog…..details on the link People, Dungarees are here to stay!!

Rishi during the quick rehearsal encouraged the team to embrace energy off each other during the walk, interact and to have fun which is in the essence of the brand. A fashion show that is spontaneous and truly candid. Some Images from the show.



Image credits: Vivek Kumar

The Energy Backstage post the show and the Backdrop of the show designed for the Blogger Walk by Casio in the images above.


Denim Dunagrees/ Cotton shirt/ Denim Sling: Korra Jeans | Boots: Zara Men | Shades: Raybans | Ear Studs: Gucci

In case you missed it do catch the following links 

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Vivek Kumar: Instagram @cliicklife

India Runway Week:

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