Indian festive Wear

Here is something special for the coming festive and wedding seasons.

Celebrating my love for traditional fashion and a special celebration of Temple Inspired treasures. Constant collaborations with  wonderful brands who are reinterpreting of what is old and creating something new. The focus  is on reincarnation of  our heritage for generations today and the future. For many of you who do not know about “temple jewellerly”, there is a special language to the designs of this wonderful form. Deeply rooted in the opulence and crafts inspired from the architecture of temples and local customs. Rohini Ramamurthy , the founder of AACAI designs speaks passionately of giving back to the community and reviving handicrafts. The design concepts crafted by local communities in villages across the south are a treat. They work with her in creating these amazing pieces with metal alloys, dyes, beads, enamels, leather, textiles in affordable ways. The intent is also to support local communities and create livelihoods.

The TASSLED Prabhavali

Indian festive wear

One of the brands most dramatic designs is this beautiful celebration of the temple” prabhavali“. The term denotes, the shrine within temples in which the main gods are placed. Specially in a variety of motifs they are like arches in a variety of design with engravings. Aacai has taken this design and converted it into this royal pendant design with studded floral “kempu” motif hangings within them. The necklace is roped with a deep vermilion tassel strings which adds a celebratory touch. Seen in the many images below they are paired with the brands strategic “mango motif” enamel earrings.Royal Indian Designs

Indian festive wear and Jewlery

Details of the tassles and Earrings are clear in this image which talk of the craftsmanship. The kempu motifs are aslo seen clearly which come in many of the accessories designed by them. The sandals are special treat.


Outfit : MintBlush Design | Earrings&Necklace, Kolhapuri Sandals : Aacai by Rohini | Rings: V&A

The TEMPLE Neck Wirefestive indian wear and jewelery

When the contemporary comes into play in this very elegant neck wire , you can turn heads. A simple detail with kempu motifs at the ends , this can easily create an accent on any outfit. The red and green stones are trademark from temple motifs. Worn here as in the overall shoot with a jet black Dhoti and Embroidered Kurta. The bird motifs in the Parsi design blend well with the royal South Indian Flavors.https://www.instagram.com/vamuseum/

festive Indian wear and jewellery


Outfit : Ashdeen & Incheetape  | Earrings&Necklace, Kolhapuri Sandals : Aacai by Rohini | Rings: Amrapali

So if your looking to make a statement this festive season do check out the Brand on their Facebook and Instagram pages!!



Image credits to Arun Subramaniam| Styling, Concept and Model by Subhashish Mandal

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  • Cindy


    Wow this outfit and the accessories look so royal like. I can only imagine a king wearing this. Does anyone other than royalty actually wear this? I’m curious!

    • admin

      haha i guess some of the pcs are very popular with women as well and the earrings i think depends on weddings and formal festive occasions

  • Sundeep


    I am in love with these outfits. Specially Kolhapuri Sandals and I will definitely going to buy. This is perfect look for festive

    • admin

      yes and such history in the details to share as well with people. do take my refernce when u order

  • Ghun Jain


    I am falling in love with these amazing outfits which are prompt for festive season .. Will definitely buy once this lockdown gets over

    • admin

      So glad that you liked these , do spread the word

  • Vashi


    Im so drawn in by the impact of this particular temple jewellery pieces ; and the way you have styled them is classic. Not to miss my favourite kolhapuris adding the whole look together. Im totally checking the brand out.

    • admin

      hey, yes her work is truly great shes in Mumbai and her brother also does amazing clothing must see

  • Ujjwal Mishra


    I love temple jwellery. It’s always in fashion and trending. These designs are so unique and royal.

    • admin

      yes the design are very special arent they

  • Saumya Chaudhary


    Oh my god! This is total royality. I love all outfits and such intense poses. I love it totally.

    • admin

      many many thanks 🙂

  • Pooja Budhiraja


    The tassler and earrings are perfectly going well with your outfit. Will definitely check the brand and recommend to buy

    • admin

      yes sure, they are wonderful designs with much traditional inspiration

  • Pallavi watermark


    Damn this person(model) has carried the outfit so very well,please share his handle or name so that I can google him

    I’m totally loving his attitude and style .

  • Docdivatraveller


    Wow the collection is Royal indeed. I love the Royal ensemble very much.

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    The outfit is to die for, literally! I also loved the fine detailing, especially the earrings and necklace, not to forget the chic Kolhapuri Sandals.

  • Gaya3


    The outfits and accessories are truly emanating royal vibes. Great temple jewellery collections. Crushing on the Kohlapuris.

    • admin

      those are my fav as well btw

  • Abha Singh


    Wow beautiful temple jewellery design. Thanks for sharing this with us they look perfect for festival and wedding season.

  • Aritro Chattopadhyay


    I loved the accessories to be specific. So royal and vintage vibes with a modern touch altogether. Fascinating.

    • admin

      thanks a alot

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