Essential Body Oils For Men – 100% Effective, Hydrating & Rejuvenating

Men Oils

Here is a glance at what kind of body oil you need – and why you need them for your skin care regimes.

You probably won’t be so selective on what to pick and what not to, wouldn’t you say so one should opt out for far more local and workable options which can ponder while we contrast them with lotions and creams. 

I’ve a question for you, Is it tough to get perfect softened skin care products for men?

“A more expensive product isn’t really a superior pick for sure.” 
– mantra!!

Men Oils
Men Body Oil

What I believe is these products ought not to cost a bomb, yet on an exact note you can undoubtedly pick some great one from any market as well. But the choices need to make sense for your kin type!

Wondering what sort of oils are accessible in markets?

Oils For Men:

Find some of the particular skin/body oil products for men (my most favorite picks)

1. Olive Oil (Figaro & Borges)

Everyone searches for an alternate way on their daily routine tasks, wherein we men end up using a multipurpose product that does a job with a minimal usage of time and hassle. Olive oil is the answer, that reproduces an enormous amount of elements which helps to regenerate the sprightly shine of any skin. No doubt it’s a life savior alongside a look-saver.

• Antibacterial effects
• Moisturizing effects
Antioxidant content

Don’t have time to visit a nearby store? & Need an assurance on the product?

Read some best reviews:
1.  Nidhi: Oil doesn’t stay on rim when I pour directly. (Borges Olive Oil)
2.  Neha: Value for money (Figaro Olive Oil)

Figaro Olive Oil, Buy here!
Borges Olive Oil, Buy here!

2. Coconut Oil
A. Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

This cold pressed virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh grated white flesh of strictly graded high quality Coconuts to procure the richest extract. This natural oil is especially rich with a sensitive sweet flavor & supports the skin.

• Gluten Free
• Natural

Buy Now!

B. Cocodew, Virgin Coconut Oil

Extracted from fresh coconut milk, 100% pure in form & prepared through no heat process. Virgin coconut oil promotes healthy metabolism & nourishes the skin naturally.

• Natural Moisturiser
• Nourishment for dry Skin
• Best for Skin, Hair and Baby care

Buy Now!

3. Organic Moringa Oil by kama Ayurveda : Must-Have

100% natural and organic. Protecting the skin from pollution and other environmental aggressors. A light oil extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Tree, Organic Moringa Oil is a natural cold pressed oil.

• Deeply Hydrating
• Fast Absorbing
• Rich in Antioxidants
• Encourages renewal of skin cells
• Dermatologically Tested
cc: kamaayurveda

Read more here, Buy Now!

4. Cinnamon soul (After Bath Oil)

Perfect handmade cleansers and normal oils are truly a great treat to anybody. I’ve been utilizing them now and can vouch for, offering equity to each and every penny that was spent. They come in wonderful concentrate , travel sized bottles as well which one can carry as they go along.

• Deeply Hydrating
• Fast Absorbing
• Imparts a dewy glow

Wish to know more? Tap here

In addition to the above products, here is a list of “some must-have” body products that can save you from breaking your bank. 

  1. Lip Balm (Buy here)
  2. Antiperspirant (Buy here)
  3. Cologne (Buy here)
  4. Light Hand Lotion (Buy here)

Note: Don’t forget to add an exfoliator to remove dead skins, the rest stays inside your wardrobe 😉

In case if you’d missed to check my previous blog post, tap here to read! 

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Essential Body Oils For Men

  • Cindy Dsilva


    Oh I love essential oils too. It’s great that there are some that men can use too … I think I have two of the above ones. Or rather used two of them before.

    • Surbhi prapanna

      Great post and you had shared all points very well about each oil. Figaro is my all time favorite and I had a great experience with it always. It has great nourishing property and provide perfect moisturization too.

      • admin

        thanks so much, glad u enjoyed it!

    • admin

      thats awesome, do try Cinnamon souls ranges

  • Sundeep


    Thank you for sharing your insights on essential oils for men.Essential oils can make a positive impact on your health and well-being and they do offer many great health benefits and are a wonderful natural way of better health. Organic Moringa Oil is a particular favorite of mine.

    • admin

      great, this is a new discovery for me and am enjoying its nourishing qualities

  • Seema Bardeskar


    Figaro is my favourite for cooking. A spoonful of it does wonders for your skin and hair and has great benefits. Great post.

    • admin

      Glad u found it useful Seema

  • Ujjwal Mishra


    Essential oils, body mists and various categories of fragrances. I like them. Will buy a couple of the products suggested by you. You have picked up gems.

    • admin

      Kind words thanks so much for reading this!!

  • Manisha Garg


    Your choice of products are really good. Figaro and Cocosoul products is something which my husband has tried and has worked well for him. Other options look great will share with him.

    • Pallavi Watermarks

      I have used Figaro oil and organic virgin coconut oil and love its benefits.

      I’ll definitely check the others mentioned by you in my next shopping list.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • admin

        glad this was helpful and hope u enjoy the recommendations

    • admin

      seems we both are enjoying the indulgence, great

  • Mrinal Kiran


    This is such an amazing list! I will share this with my brother and friends! Thank you!

    • admin

      much appreciated, thanks for reading

  • Rahul Prabhakar


    Essential oils such as the ones mentioned in your post are an absolute must for great skin and hair. I will use Figaro basis your recommendation now. Keep sharing ☺️

    • Snigdha

      Essential oil is definitely good for the skin. Your lists of products are really good .

      • admin

        thank u for the read here

    • admin

      thanks a lot Rahul , hope this was helpful

  • Amritha Srinath


    This is indeed a healpful post in selecting the essential oils for men. I have personally experienced the goodness of Figaro Olive oil, Soulcare Coconut Oil – both are best for men, women and children too. The after bath essential oil and the moringa oil is something that I never heard before. Let me buy them for my husband and test it now.

    • admin

      do let me know what your feedback is:)

  • Jenifer


    Great recommendations. It’s good to know that few male bloggers are there to help men getting the right solution.

    • admin

      kind words, much appreciated

  • Raksha


    The coconut and olive oils have always been my favourite. And coconut is something that has always been in our culture for sure. And they have such amazing benefits for skin, and hair.

    • admin

      so well said Raksha and our Ayurveda recipes are amazing

  • Aritro Chattopadhyay


    Coconut and olive oils are extremely useful for men. Their effectiveness have been proven throughout the ages and this blog post elucidates the same.

    • admin

      i agree and there is some good offers in the market , i like oils over creams

  • Sundar singh kushvaha


    Nice post man and this is really usefull for me.

    • admin

      glad that you had a look at this bro

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