THE DRESS SCARF….With Elysian Homme


A Scarf for Men!!

Sounds commonplace doesn’t it. Especially as mostly the scarf is something seen as a long muffler styled accessory  which one would drape or warp around ones neck or tie around to tuck into a jacket or even just let it play loose on a layering jacket style. Elysian Homme has designed a series of scarves whoever that have broken all these rules to reinvent the Male Lookbook, the surprise of the gimmick as they call it. When you go into European Style guides the various ways that Men wear scarves compete with women to a very great degree. Classic looks by women who wear scarves often just drape them onto their jackets or knot them onto bags, around their neck and even as head wraps. In my mind somewhere from this inspiration palette comes the collection of the Elysian Homme Scarf which is about the eclectic and dramatic and changing the norm of the standard male accessory.The Brand in themselves are reinventing the male wardrobe in terms of colors, embroideries, silhouettes and prints. Definitely for the dressy man, they have in many ways created bold statements in their versions of what is often a traditional garment. In my eclectic search for the new ; is the reason how the brand and I came together to create this story. And to state that this spring THE “Scarf” is the musthave accessory that will be the game changer.

Here is what I had to say about what they are upto!! Enjoy the Video

Lets talk about the collection. Designed in a series of squares in various sizes the detail comes in with the bold graphic line pattern. The bright colors and the very dressy fringe borders with tassels, fur and feathers are actually a revelation. In fact they are all the accessory you need for making a statement and it goes very well with colored solids and of course the patent blacks & browns that all gentlemen sport. The pattern has also been developed by the brand onto jackets in various interesting ways. There are images both on their official facebook page and instagram handle. Worn as knotted, traingled, overlapped……the options are many. The smaller sizes can even be great pocket squares with your jackets and bundis.


The Style shoot in this post to accentuate the scarf is seen with a Solid Black contemporary classic look with a Bandhgala Jacket and Jodhpur trousers. Options of also wearing it with a classic pintucked kurta or just with the Shirt shows how these scarves work so well across a series of garment styles. As in all of my posts I always try and showcase a variety of options in mix n match so that you can achieve that much more with your wardrobe. This is a classic example. 


Bandhgala Jacket: RohitGandhi&RahulKhanna |  Jodhpur Trousers: Tarun Tahliani | Kurta : Fabindia | Shoes: Aldo | Shirt: Balance by Rohit Bal | Shades: TomFord |

Scarves, Cravat : Elysian Homme

So here is to celebrating the Idea of the Eclectic with our Scarf game for the season. tell me what you think about the looks and how it works. I will be posting the scarves also with another story to come next week, stay tuned for that one.

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Concept, styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal


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