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The recent showcase of the most amazing  Indian designers by the Raw Collaborative , their first show held in Ahmedabad in the Mill Owners Association Building was truly an eye opener. The setting of the space and its amazing volumes designed by Legendary Le Corbusier could not have been a better platform for all these teams to come together and talk, collaborate and showcase their work.  Do click on the building link and check out the amazing images of the spaces which is actually a complete story in itself. Furniture, Product, Lighting, Textile and Art all came into being in many different ways. Although one cannot cover the showcase in one Blog story, am posting images of some of my favourites from the show with links to each of these firms and I do hope that you get to see the range of great work that surround us that many of us may not know about. Supported by the many amazing talks and the evening musical gatherings I cannot but wait for the next event to be held by the team at RC.


These beautiful dyed textiles in Rugs, cushion covers and table mats were a revelation . Designer Mahesh Kumar truly takes the slice of contemporary design and fuses age old natural dyeing techniques with printing and creates the most amazing Home Decor Elements. Must see and have to say I indulged and got myself one of his trademark design Durries. I also loved the backdrop of the natural concrete walls which offset his works so well.

You can catch them on and on Instagram@pomegranatefabrics

BOAT AWAY….By Knock on Wood

This Stellar Bench on Wood designed by Arti Agarwal from the KNOW team is one of their classic designs and have to say one of my top selections. The structure and proportions, the way the many different wooden slivers come together in this amalgamation is nothing short of Art. One day I hope to have one of these in my home…they also make a variety of products for Home and work-spaces that are must see and haves. And of course they can customise as per need and do Bespoke collections for you as well.

Follow them on Instagram@knockon.wood and


THIS Nest of Tables which is placed in this completely architectural proportions but are so slender in their details that it was quite breathtaking. Loved the design and clean modern lines and they can be arranged in a variety of ways and used together or separate. Truly a minimal expression.

These Traditional miniature inspired hand painted tables by the Team are just brilliant. The colours, expressions and yet the design implementation on the modern circular clean line form are just perfect. One cannot be buy the whole lot really. I can see them easily in a variety of projects wether residential or hospitality as that special Indian Thematic accent which is sure to be a conversation starter.

Ayush Kasilwal the creative head behind AKFD Studio in Jaipur has been creating magic in Product, Interior and Lighting Design for almost two decades. Although there is a huge list of design elements to be seen on their website I can safely say this is a place to visit for sure when you are in Jaipur.

Do visit their website on and also follow them on Instagram@akfdstudio



This dynamic chair shaped as a large wooden Bowl was an instant hit at the show. As you can see well the carved out shape and the colors of the warm wood are totally great to have especially in garden and patios in my Mind and even when not being used just stay there as a sculptural element. The team also showcased many other interesting furniture designs which one can see on Instagram feed. The quirky details from Board games and toys have influenced many of the designs, i dont have the images here unfortunatley but I can tell you they were very inspirational.

Follow them on Instagram @outoftheshed_

MARIGOLD MADNESS by The DeisgnclinicIndia

What happens when you bring the flower markets into the furniture design and celebrate the Indian Marigolds. The GATHRI Stool and the TOKRI Pouf are clear examples of that celebration. Designer Parth Parikh constantly brings forward the quirky intent into his furniture designs and these are no exception. Inspirations of festive celebrations are there to be had and I can say that they are sure to make you smile and keep that happy element alive in your space.

Catch their work on  and Instagram @designclinicindia


The Bouncer Chair  by the Furniture designers Anuj and Anand Ambalal from Acubein was a Rock star design in their very large set of Bespoke pieces which took a prominent space in the show. Although the choices for many but for me this chair was a work of art. The level of fashion design detailing in the quilting patterns, the proportion of the chair and the way the ergonomics played in  it all is an engineering feat . This chair deserves a place in the global map in my opinion.

Follow them on Instagram@acubeinc

PRINT MAGIC….Textiles by Nehal Desai

Nehal Desai , well known textile designer and an artist has created some of these amazing designs for rugs, cushions and home products. One of the only brands which showcased home textiles in the show Nehal was a huge hit. The patterns ranged from child like doodles to serious graphic prints which came in a wide range of colors. These cushions and the rug were some of my favourite picks.

Follow Nehal on and Instagram @nehaldesaiofficial.


OTLO is an amazing range of Garden Furniture in Concrete . The stools , chairs and benches are modern minimal designs and for me the accent of the Circle Insert in the detail was what caught my interest. The pedestal stools and garden tables also come in the same collection and the colors can be cusotmised based on orders.

See more designs for the Team on and on Instagram @bakaasdesign

CHAIR CUBED…by Pocho Living

Setu Mewada from Pocho Living talked about chairs in great length when we met at the show. Craftsmanship and the sense of detailing is what the brands furniture is all about. With over 15-20 chairs on display somehow the Cube diagrammatic of this design caught my eye. The scale of the detail of the arms and the overall structure was truly minimal beauty on a platform.

See more of the teams work on Iinstagram @pocho_living and on



Loved this lattice framed Love Seat and this Glass and Wooden Coffee Table by the AndBlack Studio which works on Design projects across Architecure, Interiors and Installations and now also focusing on these signature Furniture Collections. The studio is led by Kanika and Jwalant Mahadevwala. Their strong background on materiality, sustainable design and their knowledge of working on their concepts using parametric and physical tools is what forms a foundation of many of their creations. Do note the detailing in both the chosen frames.

Read more about their work on 

COLOR SWIRLS by RooshadShroff

ROOSHADSHROFF is a multi-disciplinary design and research studio. Founded in June 2011 in Mumbai by RooshadShroff, the architectural practice predominantly dedicated to the realization of spaces soon developed its own design department, operating at nano- scales crafting bespoke furniture, products and materials.

Experiencing Rooshads work is like visiting a fantasy gallery of design. The showcase, much of it was from the Collection 15,556 is mind blogging to say the least. There are many brands which bring in craftsmanship, detailing and innovation but there are very few who take into to the next level of art and re-interpretation . The resign coloured furniture surfaces and the thread embossed wooden  pieces are in my mind nothing short of revolutionary.  There is so much to write but in keeping it in brief i would advise you to click on the links below.

More information on and yo can also follow him on Instagram @rooshadshroff

There is so much more that was there and much more to write about but thats it for this Edition folks, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

Keep in touch with the RAW COLLABORATIVE Team now on Instagram @raw_collaborative and on .

Bald Eagle Signing off on this one, see you at the next show in 2018 !!!

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    Beautiful work. Loved that blue rugs, cubed chair, tables and the bowl chair is show stopper. Minimal and elegant.

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