Men’s Denim Jacket by Shein Official “100% comfy”

Denim jacket and check shirt

Posting after ages here.

Due apologies folks, but I am back and here is to sharing many posts and stories with all of you. Taking the style games forward here is a dual chapter with the Brand Shein official which is creating many waves on the online fashion scene. As u have seen across my many posts, I always focus on creating more than one look with any garment. Keeping that trend in the “mix&match” is this signature patchwork denim jacket with the brand in a series of three signature looks.


The great thing about this cool patchwork jacket is how trendy it is. Well fitted and with some cool accents, it is great to pair this with a tee and pair of denim shorts. Denim on Denim never goes out of style as it is and this LOOK 1 is perfect on the weekend to have some fun as your chilling during your travels or on your day at the mall!

denim shorts casuals


Jacket: Shein Official |Shorts: Zara | Tee: Reebok | Shoes: PUMA


Keeping it relaxed yet good enough for a workday especially, towards a weekend. A simple check shirt with matching slip on and teamed with a pair of white denim. White and blue are classics and this cannot go wrong at all in your lookbook. The important cue is to play with the jacket in various ways and find color highlights. Classic checks never go wrong with denim and are a safe bet. For those who are more experimental floral would be a fun idea as well!!

denim jacket and checks


Jacket: Shein Official |Jeans: Korra| Shades: Rayban |Shoes: Amorio |

Shirt: Benetton


Mostly a patchwork jacket would not be a look that you would consider for a meeting but surprisingly it could be. Paired with a shirt, trousers and tie the same street style jacket could work also for a fun work look. However in the look took the color accent tie in red from the patchwork details and a simple black trouser, white motif shirt did the trick.

denim jacket with formal
denim formal mix

Jacket: Shein Official | Shades: Rayban |Shoes: Ruosh| Tie: Armani

Shirt & trouser: Benetton

  • Rahulroy


    Osamm shr

  • Sanskriti upadhyay


    Wow that’s so cool I also have denim jacket. it is great to pair this with a tee and pair of denim shorts thank you so much for this advice.

  • Monidipa


    I actually love anything in denim. Dresses, Kurtis etc. Although I have never shopped from shein but these designs for work day and week offs are really very cool. I’ll check out if anything is available for women.

    • admin

      Actually their womens collection is very varied and well priced and the denims are decent quality for the cost:)

  • Manisha Garg


    A good denim jacket is a must have in every wardrobe for male or female both. You have styled it so well. I was looking one for my husband looks like Shein has the perfect collection.

    • admin

      thats awesome, hope u guys find something u like, the patchwork ones are always fun

  • Prakhar Kasera


    All three looks are good but casual work day look was the best look of all three, I love denims and when it is shein, our apparels talk quality.

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