When you bring in creative design talents, environment awareness, quality consciousness and a devotion to the genre of “custom made”…… you know the cocktail that will develop will be a winning formulae for always. Korra Jeans started by Shyam  Sukhramani in partnership with Mia Morikawa, , Himanshu Shani and Rajesh Jaju is an epitome of this very heady mix. And to top it all it focuses on Denim wear and  Denim product accessories. It is safe to say that without our denims we would be lost souls. And Korra, which began with an online portal few years ago is today one of the very few if not only, the leading custom fitting Denim Wear Design brands in the market.


As Shyam said in conversation which is great to know is the Brand took birth with the needs of the changing market and not as a random thought of just creating a new design label. With the need for quality, price control and finding that customers require tailor-made solutions at affordable ranges; Korra took the mantle of bringing elegant, environmentally designed products to the table . The ‘ Green quotient” of the brand is  commendable in the way they they generate their textiles, customising the washing, dyes, production techniques which is truly giving back to the planet while we step forward. This is the call for fashion today for brands all over.

Do read this brief about the brand at this link…

The fabrics are pre washed and come in a very specific palette which one would not see in the regular denim stores. The shop space showcases the various styles/fits and speaks in great length about the ethos of how Korra works.  Taking cues from the brand ethos Designer Kalapi Buch of Sfurna Designs creates an envelope that is Industrial , eclectic and textured forming a backdrop that is quirky yet not overpowering. Elements which are combinations of concrete floors, white walls and wooden details abound in creating a very fun space that draw you in very easily as you walk around the mall.  One of the key accents is the beautiful translation of the vibration of the Raga Chakureshi from our classical carnatic music which is taken into the metal lines of the shelving systems. Interestingly the designer felt that the music that the raga evokes is in line with the way the brand is moving forward.

My personal experience with the Brand has been a total discovery. The choice of denim, nature of details and the methodology of design is truly one to be experienced. Having had custom tailoring done before this was my first Denim Encounter which taught me a great deal about how the Jeans we often wear and take for granted actually have a immense degree of research and work that goes into them. And here one gets a chance to customise and be part of the product being made as it is ” JUST FOR YOU”!!

My choice of the White Denims and The customised Dungarees which also become jeans with suspenders are now treats in my closet.

Details: Shot at the Korra Store, DLF Saket Mall with Samsung C9 Pro

Jeans, Waistcoat &  Laptop Bag: Korra | Shirt: French Connection | Trainers: Nike

Special mentions on the White Jeans is the soft texture and easy fit which works well for any occasion, done more as an in between slim and comfort fit it is very versatile it its usage and the white is not what one would see anywhere else as its specially a Korra developed fabric.

Details: Shot at the Korra Store, DLF Saket Mall with Samsung C9 Pro

Jeans &  Shoulder Bag: Korra |  Tunic Shirt: Gap | Trainers: Nike

Coming to the MAGICAL DUNGAREES, this was a truly twist of the moment. Having worn them many years ago Shyam convinced me on the design and the flexibility of this garment which allows it to be just also a pair of jeans, jeans with suspenders or a full Dungaree. Although unsure if they would work on me but was happy to say they are rather fun in the end. Three in one surprise, isn’t it and of course fit to suit your body and sizing .


Details: Shot at the Korra Store, DLF Saket Mall with Samsung C9 Pro

Jeans & jacket: Korra |  Vest: Reebok | TShirt: Scotch&Soda  | Boots: Kenneth Cole

Hat: Tie Rack | Watch: Swatch

The shots with the vest show the Dungarees with the front flap detail which has a separate set of straps from the back detail whereas the pictures with the striped T shirt show the Suspender format of the same jeans. One of the store images amidst the shots show the vast range of customised colors the brand provides.

Well FOLKS!! That’s it for this story here. I know i will be looking forward to designing my next denim outfit the them. I do hope I have managed to convince you to make a visit to the store soon and GET KORRAFIED!

  • Yogesh Dattu Khode



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