As the winters come in and layering builds up, the classic cardigan usage can never be left behind in the Dapper Wardrobe. The classic cardigan has been a staple in clothing for the longest time. For those uninitiated the “cardigans” are simply the sweaters which are buttoned from the front and not pulled over the head as one would with the pullovers. Seen often in sleeveless they also come often in full sleeved designs which are used as in combinations with jackets , over shirts and can have a variety of style statements in they way they are designed .

Fun fact….”The cardigan was named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. The name ‘Cardigan’ is an anglicized variation of the WelshCeredigion. It is modelled after the knitted wool waistcoat that British officers supposedly wore during the war. The legend of the event and the fame that Lord Cardigan achieved after the war led to the rise of the garment’s popularity. The term originally referred only to a knitted sleeveless vest, but expanded to other types of garment over time

The article today shows how one can use the Staple Cardigan through the week, and have some great style statements for their look at WORK. The addition of the Sock&Shoe and accessories game of course are the icing on the cake. Each look is different in the intent of its combination and can be applied with whichever cardigan you may already posses as long as the logic is applied.

MONDAY,The Khaki & The Rose

A clean line distressed design, this look is an overall more muted color palette. The silhouette of the cardigan is kept blended in the look with the khaki linen pants and the beige loafers. Compared to the first look this is a more solid elegant statement and more formally mainstream. To add the flavor the accent of the rose print shirt brings in a touch of play but keeping the look interesting. try this at work sometime and i guarantee that you will have people complimenting you.

The roses are also inspired by the details of the reds and pinks in the customized watch by Absynthe Design. The pinks are seen in the chevron socks which then brings in the color and pattern breaks like the shirt which has the khaki bringing it all together. Ideally it is great to have this level of variations but the essence of khaki works with almost all colors. A solid blue or bottle green tee/shirt would work very well also. Add a scarf for that sartorial twist.


Cardigan: Sisley | Trousers: Bespoke | Shirt: Mufti jeans | Ring: Amrapali | Socks: Happy Socks | Shoes: Bally

Watch: Absynthe Design| Ascot Hat: Shimla Markets

TUESDAY, Check the Blue

Trendy yet classic is always the Lumberjack Plaid in blue and red. Honestly a must have in my opinion. Masculine, always in style the classic check in these colors have never left fashion closets forever. The flannel look and the tartan check with its variations are very trendy in any winter lookbook. Worn here with the classic navy cardigan which has the zippered detail and the navy trousers you have the accent played on the accessories. A rust detail bow tie adds a touch without fighting for attention as the plaid is seen as the strong visual element.

The POP addition are the ankle boots and the trendy pattern socks if you like to have a dapper twist. Solid black boots or loafers work as well or even tan for that matter if you feel that the workcode wouldn’t take your color shoes well. I find that with Plaid, it is good to bring out the base colors of the checks in the overall look and not use colors which fight them as they tend to lose impact or become a bit cluttered visually. Try it out!!


Cardigan: Kenneth Cole | Trousers: Bespoke | Shirt: Benetton | Ring: Amrapali | Socks: Happy Socks |

Belt: Zara |Shoes: Diesel

WEDNESDAY, The Pattern Knit

This  Blue&White Knit is a great one to have. Full sleeves, warm with a nice turn in lapel it can be as formal or casual as you want it to be. Shown here is teamed with a classic combination with a designed Pin tucked pink formal shirt and Bowtie you are good to go for a formal day at work and even a party after. The sartorial touch comes with the self printed paisley charcoal pants and the silver sneakers. For those who would prefer a more safe combination, this works very well with a pair of jeans and white shirt and the staple tan brogues. You cannot go wrong with that.

Word of caution would not advise a printed shirt underneath unless its a small pattern as it would fight the large printed detail on the cardigan. However a solid shirt and a paisley tie with solid chinos maybe a nice twist on the look and make you stand out at that work floor!!


Cardigan: Benetton | Trousers: Zara | Shirt: Design by Harris | Belt: Versace | Ring: Amethyst | Bowtie: Satee by Mayur | Shoes: Zara

THURSDAY, Grey the Pink

Taking forward the plaid is coming to this classic combinations of a check pattern offset with the fluid lines of this designed cardigan. Taking the influence from the idea of a shrug, this design is a double lapel  detail in Grey against the Pink check Chinese collared shirt. The intent comes in from the linen chequered pants in grey, charcoal with pink lines. Often in the  style lookbook the break of patterns is always a interesting play in creating the look. In this case the cardigan cut plays against the shirt and trouser pattern.

Worn here with the classic ankle laceups in black and the sartorial touch of the grey, black&white tassel scarf . The geometrical contemporary pattern accentuates the checks and plays along the long lapel look of the cardigan as well. A touch of pink in the Agate stone ring brings out the color of the shirt.


Cardigan: Urban Renewal | Trousers: Bespoke | Shirt: Benetton | Ring: Kohar Jewels| Shoes: SPUNK| Scarf: LivingLightly.in


As the winter steadies in, the blanket cardigans are ones to use. The thick knits and knots are classic of course and are perfect with any luck. Friday casuals are great with the jeans and T shirts with some fun eclectic details. The embroidered lace based tee by the eclectic brand, Kwanyo and basic blue jeans are sorted as combination and teamed with some metallic sneakers. The plaid knit beret styled hat and the oxidized street jewelry of course are part of my usual sartorial touches.


Cardigan: Zara | Jeans: GAP| Tee: Kwanyo| Ring: Street Picks| Shoes: Onitsuka| Gold Balis : Tanishq

Well hope this set of looks really gets you going for the winters. Take the Cardigan Game to your work week!!

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