CANDID EID….Magic In Old Delhi Bylanes


There are some projects and shoots that totally take you by surprise. Such was this sudden plan by my friend , artist and photographer Udit Kurshreshta which had been shooting a folio of images with the new OnePlus 5 phone for the well know publication Gizmodo  which is a must read for all the Techie Fans out there.. A quick discussion evolved into this idea of shooting Fashion in Formals against the textured backdrops of celebrations in Old Delhi which was gearing up for the Eid festival.

All the shops and streets were in full flow and the mosque filled to the brim. Interestingly this is the first time I have actually worked in Candid shoot wherein I am literally in the middle of the humdrum of street life and due compliments to Udit for pushing me into getting me out of my comfort zone and embracing the open environment and its surrounding action. Shooting with just a small travelling light and working the great 16 MP camera of this new must have gadget and using no filters we did face our share of challenges but the resulting images came out beautifully in both resolution and color clarity. There is much more about the phone which is on the Gizmodo link on the same, do have a read about this amazing new gadget that is totally vowing the users and critics alike.

The fashion quotient intent in terms of style was more about keeping the styling in western formals. Jackets, hats, tie, waistcoats were the garment choices but bringing in a mix of eclectic patterns and colors. These as moods contrasted sharply against the local backdrops which being traditionally flavored also provided as surprising juxtaposition.

With the Barbers:

Look 1

 Blockprint Jacket : Sandip Jaiswal | Tie: Sacoor | Shirt: Zara | Hat: Tie Rack

Jeans: H&M | Shoes: PelleSantino,

Definitely my favorite this shot was wonderful when I got totally involved with the Pakora wala and was handing out the savories to the shoppers. Thanks to Udit for convincing me on this one!! The visitors were duly surprised and rather amused by it all.

With the Masjid:


Look 2

Jacket : Jack & Jones|  Waistcoat: Diesel | Shirt: Zara| Hat: Tie Rack

In The Mattress & Alleys:


Look 3

Jacket: H&M|  Patchwork Tie: Lila | Shirt: Rare Rabbit | Hat: Tie Rack

Hope you enjoyed this story, was quite wonderful and crazy for sure and here is looking forward to the next ride.

DO check out the amazing work of Udit Kurshreshta on and on twitter @uditkulshrestha  for his many artworks and campaigns. Link for the full shoot and titles are also on the online magazine section below…

Eid Mubarak!!


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