THE BLUE KURTA…..Multiplicity with Pranay Baidya


Following on the last story with Pranay Baidya collection for Festive Kurtas this season we talked about how the designs are classic yet contemporary. The idea of being able to wear them in multiple different ways and combine them to have maximum optional usages was the sole intent of the collection. The kurtas can be something which you wear to work, or for a meeting or even for a festive occasion.

Following up on the last story which showcased the formal festive look with the collection , this story selects one of the kurtas from the same set and is styled for a more casual look. The intent could be applied to any of the previous showcased peices as well.

In case you missed it , the story is on the link here……

From the more festive options , the one selected here is one of the more modern prints. Very graphic with touches of browns and shades of blue in a checked design overlap the detail is the highlight of the long set of the textile button and the neck detail which brings in the focus. The shots as before are at the Trendy Lounge outdoor Bar & Cafe , Deck 88 and the Astor Hotel, Kolkata



DETAIL: When you want to keep it chilled and casual team the look with a Pair of Jeans and Sandals

Kurta: Pranay Baidya | Jeans: H&M |Sandals: Simple Vehicle | Shades: Ray Bans

Styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Aveek Bhattacharya


The Same Kurta above now becomes a FORMAL must have with this look wherein it is combined with a pair of Drape Black Dogris and  black jacket if need be. Makes the same look trndy yet brings in a twist to the usual Indian Ethnic. The Gladiator Sandals add a dramatic modern touch.


Kurta: Pranay Baidya | Dogris : Tarun Tahliani|Sandals: Skin Sin| Earrings: Amethyst

Styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Aveek Bhattacharya

CREDITS: Special thanks to Pranay Baidya and the Astor Hotel Properties.

Check out their website on for booking your stay when your next in the City of Joy. Thanks to Supreeta Singh again for putting this collaboration together and Aveek Bhattacharya for clicking these great images.

Do check their wonderful pages on: for all her amazing work in PR, Brand Management and Marketing for Aveeks awesome imagery and work.



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