This is second in the series of my collaboration with Kama Ayurveda. The previous story  on skincare and a  bathing regime now paves way into this chapter, which delves deep into the Ayurveda Books with respect to special Bathing Oils and Soaps by the brand.

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With winter around the corner and the season of events and weddings, what is it that ails the skin the most!? Personally I do feel like most men , the constant dryness and moisture drain from our system affects us constantly. Like most I sometimes do not land up having the most regular skin care night and day creams, the moisturizing face washes , the cleansers and toners which are supposed to keep us looking our radiant best. And as age catches up this becomes only far more of an issue. Strangely enough, this is why we go back to the age old ways of bathing and skin care. With our schedules and diets which do not replenish the layers of body with the nourishment it needs, Kama provides us the 100% natural magic in the bottle which is not just skin deep.


Although well established as a massage oil, this works very well as bathing oil too. Very efficient if heated and applied before a shower and if you allow it to rest for a while, the whey & sesame ingredients do just the trick. Jelly leaf , winter cherries add to the richness and help with aching muscles, toning and ensure a deep indulgent sleep. Definitely an oil which one should apply at night as it is quite rich and fragrant and can be seen as tad strong for daytime use.  Great if your massage enthusiast like me and allow it to be used during your spa sessions. Even if not, the few oil baths during the week and you are all set.

Guaranteed to reduce stress, remove aches and pains and aside from enriching the skin it helps with firming and toning. The rich mix helps with that natural herbal minty scent that only Kamas products usually have.

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When I first studied about this product I could say that this was truly special. What struck me most about the Nalpamaradi was that its eclectic mix mainly focused on repairing skin tone and working as an antioxidant. And this all given to the age old love of our vedic support of ” the turmeric!!” It also helps with fairness for those who are in search of the same but that is only one its many qualities.  Kama takes the research further with the mix of the Sesame Oil to hydrate while the natural Vetiver water cools the skin which the turmeric has prepared a base for. An antibacterial gooseberry which we often have in bottled juices here heals and protects from within and purifies. The overall intent is find a complete treatment and bring a complete unblemished repair to our skin which we often tend to ignore. Truly ingenious must say in the way the recipe comes together.

Amongst its many greats it brightens dull skin, works on detanning and also removes pigmentation. Surprisingly its one of those few oils that you can use on your face as well. However this does tend to stain so careful usage and mild followup cleansing is required. An immediate white shirt change after would not be a good idea!

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What follows post a great oil massage of the body! The bathing ritual is complete with the use of Kamas new Khus Soap. A great combination of Virgin Coconut and the Vetiver Oils, the soapy lather ensures the fresh and new without letting the essence of oil massages leave your skin. The fresh radiant scent stimulates , hydrates and brings a rather invigorating closure to your pre-bathing skin therapy session.

The soap bath allows deep cleansing and also tightens the pores. It relaxes the skin post you  massage and also aids in reducing inflammation if any due to its natural ingredient base. I do love the color must say which can vary as its natural but keep it safe and cool and it can last you a long time!!

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About the Campaign : The ethos of the brand gave rise to an Idea wherein the  Shoot Imagery is in vintage Black&white. The layout of the grained images in the postcard formats only enhances the sense of timelessness. The styling of the shoot though simple against, old rustic walls and within deep shadows in the pure white Dhoti and Shirt was to accentuate the age old traditional feel that rules Kama’s foundation. The intent was to create a very minimal rooted shoot for the showcasing of the products encompassing a feel of peace, solitude and indulgence.

Hope you enjoyed the new Bathing Regime Gentleman, do try this out and let me know your experiences!!




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