BAG TALES….Chapter 2


The Wonderful series of the MAN&BAG association continues with the Second edition here.

Hope you have had a check on the previous story and all the great works from the various brands and the curated looks. The Story here is in sequel to Chapter 1. In case you missed it the link for the same is here….

Bagging on in the journey…

Since we are talking about Brands, the magic of COACH is a sure mention as one of my favourites, showcased here as Strap tote style bag which also works as Laptop bag design with these great usable front pockets with the trademark print. Functional classic at its best.

Look 1A

 Tassel Loafers: Zara| Shades: Givenchy| Paisley Trousers: Customdesigned by

Look 1B

 Blockprint Shirt: Second floor studio | Jeans: Zara | Tassel loafers: Rolando Sturlini, Italy

A bag I have had since the past 10 odd years, is this beautiful Leather Duffel Bag which, is actually from a street shopping spree. In deep Red the design is everlasting and comes both with handles and a shoulder strap. The silk lining inside although now is wearing but I can’t let this go, you know how it is. Shown here in two very, different fashion statements. A summer cotton day and a formal vintage folio shot.

Look 5A

Shirt& trousers: Neil Barett| Waistcoat: Kenneth Cole| Tie: Armani

Look 5B

 Tunic Shirt: Ekmatra | Linen Pants: Bangkok | Shoes: Woods | Shades: Givenchy

The color range continues with this Neon Orange Bag from BENETTON, well known for their celebration of color and diversity. A super functional travel backpack design, but in a color that can identify you from a mile, this is great for work and travel alike.

Look 6A

Sweater: Benetton | Cashmere Scarf: Khan Market, Street| Skullcap: Adidas | Shoes: Pedro

Look 6B

 White Jacket: Scullers | Camouflage tracks: Mr Price | Tee: Cottonworld | Trainers: Nike

Well, hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 as much as chapter 1, hopefully many more Bag End Tales to come!!!

Keep your Bag quotient on point.

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