ASLIHA- By The House Of Three


The intent of fashion discovery is always one of layering and surprise. As I work with different brands, the philosophy of each and their approach to creating design provides endless inspirations and possibilities. The story with the House of Three and the collection Asliha is definitely one of the crowning moments in this journey.

Inspirations from the Brand are as varied as their expressions. Palettes/ colors/ motifs/ structures take inspirations from anthropology, history, cultures, art, music, architecture and even food . While the foundation is always ” The New India Cool”, taking from different aspects of motherland her culture, craft, art from across the terrains and the pages of history, infusing with foreign elements to create contrasting perspectives and excite conversation.

ASLIHA , which in Arabic means artillery and the motif chosen, is the beauty of an antique dagger.  This came about after a lot of research on Mughal weaponry and while that was the base motif used which celebrate power, victory, craftsmanship and in its own way peace & craft. More on that in the Designer note below!!

ASLIHA…..Dappered Quotient!


The Formal  Navy Blue lapel edged jacket with the running motif is the signature element to see. The brands crest as the Monogram pocket and the sharp navy against the Ivory is what makes the design eternally classic. Teamed with the linen navy trousers and the custom collection shirt with the logo on the shirt collar and you have a show-stopping ensemble!

As said in the words of  group’s founder, Sounak Sen Barat,

“When we started conceptualizing the collection, current affairs around was disturbing. Random killings, beef ban, GDP, political unrest etc, racial killings… We thought it was time to look within and awaken our inner wisdom again and remind ourselves that we are a country that has survived the wrath of invasions wars and all forms of unrest through a simple policy of acceptance and inclusion. Live embrace and let live and to remind ourselves that this is the land of Sufi, a marriage of principles of 2 great religions; this is the land of the coorgis, whose bloodline goes right up to Alexander and his kins. This is the land of Pondicherry that has given us an amazing confluence of the French on one hand and the Tamilians, who on the other. are the oldest living race on earth.  In other words, it was time to remind ourselves and our fellow people that we are nothing but a byproduct of a marriage of contrasts. We may take immense pride in our regional or religious, cultural roots, and our strength and unity comes from our diversity. Hence the collection using Mughal  artillery, an Islamic influence on one hand, khadi on the other, with silhouettes that are contemporary and international, binding all this diversity into one balanced calm beautiful harmony.

More importantly about the Dagger, the very symbol of destruction blood shed and gore, can also be a symbol of the most exquisite craft beauty and balance. It’s symbolic that in our current testing times we take refuge in an object that stands synonymous to destruction in our quest to find harmony.

Inspiring words there !!

ASLIHA…..A Brunch Statement!


Worn by Sounak, the designer himself is an amazing modern Sky blue jumpsuit with shoulder lapel details and pleated pants and brought together with a Belt Detail. Funky yet classy at the same time.


Worn by me is the classic ensemble of a  Two Color Edged stripe trouser bringing in the quirk and fun flavor. Teamed with a Nehru jacket and pin tucked formal shirt the overall look is a carry over of period style, yet very contemporary in its understanding. The mix of elements is as surprising as it is innovative. The muted embossed Mughal floral motifs on the jacket are an interesting contrast to the trademark dagger print on the pants!!

Both the looks are great for daytime brunches, functions, shows and you can be sure that you will be envy of the ball.

The garments are designed in such a way that whether as separates or as entire composites they provide the customer to pick and choose and combine with what they already have. Each shirt, blazer or nehru jacket are very strong design expressions in themselves but blend very well with casual jeans/ trousers and shirts in every day closets. The muted earthy color palettes and textiles; note the  Suvin cottons using zero chemical free processing as well as the  mulmuls, linens,one can find a collection that is truly environment friendly as well as mature & subtle.

ASLIHA…..Formally Pink!

And finally this Pastel Blush Pink Sherwani that is truly a finale for the collection. Sophisticated , well cut and truly a trademark color this is a must have for upcoming wedding season. Sprinkled with the collections floral motif in embroidered bootis one can be sure that you have a design that is as timeless as it is elegant.

In my conversation with Anu Shyamsundar, Partner and Business Head  for the brand I also learnt that many of the accessories like the Cushion covers, picture frames, candle stands, jars seen in the shoot layouts are all designed by the team and are available online as well. Some of the locations for sourcing these and the fashion are

  • Maalgaadi 
  • Aveeha Hydreabad
  • The Open Trunk….also coming very soon in Aza  ,FFolio ,  Vayu Bikaner House , ,

Also more details are on , from where one can easily order online. Also do follow them on Instagram @sounaksenbarat, @housaeofthreetsudio for more news and updates. They are based in Bangalore but retail to many stores/portals across India as listed above. The collection has been made for Womenswear in Asliha as well for which you can see images on the website.

Quite the Dapper Journey this as been. If your looking at having that special conversation look this season…..The House of Three has some very intriguing solutions just for you.

Peace and Light to All!!


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