“The Journey is my Home”…..said Muriel Rukeyser.

A saying that makes me only wonder more and more on how the many journeys makes my home a constant exploration. Doors open everywhere, windows focus on different horizons and the colors always change. An Interior Design architect for many years, my forays into space design, art, education, travels, food trails and fashion styling has seen me walk through many avenues of the journeys.

All the destinations visited only has added to my understanding, that the when said the ‘the world is your oyster’ it is more true than ever. There is no one single layer but the idea of being interested can eventually make anything become your own in the process of layering over or reaching under! One of the main reason of starting this Blog was to bring together ideas for also a specific family of Dapper Men who are of a certain age and are looking for a special curation of customized needs. This blog is my platform to share my ever-changing home with all of you and hope you find and share your inspirations with me as well.

The blog has seven main categories:

Fashion – This section pertains to Design Editorials, Photo shoots which are personally curated and an overall look which encapsulates a “Style File” which showcases how Men can change their wardrobe quotient in simple ways for any occasion and celebrate the Dapper Way.

Accessories&Products – The quotient of Men’s Accessories  is a world all by itself. From jewelry, decorative accents to a look, Scarves, bags, shoes …. the world is endless to things to choose from and giving an intent of how we up the game by virtue of the smallest accents. Editorials also explore my constant interest with product design under many brands and collaborating them to creating cross stories between disciplines.

Brand – The section is more a version of showcasing Brands that I believe in and bring forth their ideologies and how they redefine our style and design sensibilities. From Accessory, furniture, Interior Design accents these are just ideas of where we can dip into for my take on “must haves”.

Travel & Lifestyle – I live to travel sometimes…. Locations I have been/ Destinations to visit and why!! The content of the stories will be combined with locations, must dos and ideas which relate to essential of Lifestyles of the locations.

Events & Media – A section wherein I would eventually talk about press coverages, relationships, media and events attended , Hope is that I am able to gather the interest with people and like-minded visualizers to share more on the ideas shared.

Art -A huge fan of the Art world and also recently a collector of contemporary work from new artists. From art events, to new artists and personal favorites, conversations with curators this will hopefully be of great interest to many of you.


Please Indulge!!

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