IN my many projects with Fashion Retail, I will always have certain favorites because of the celebration of craft and legacy. The flagship store for the  artist and couturier Varun Bahl shall remain one of these. Having known Varun for many years and having admired his work and dedication of detail and love for the classic eras is similar to mine. During my period of being the Senior Designer with Archohm and in working with  immensely talented Sourabh Gupta, this project came as challenge to the firm in creating what would be an iconic flagship space. Varun had a very clear vision of the space in the journey to the hallways of Art Nouveau to be the backdrop setting. A style that shows in many of his patterned designs and embroidery , the store in many of its details also evokes patterns of the wonderful artistic era. Located in the classic architecture of ONE STYLE MILE in Mehrauli the store captures the royal scales and blends the fashion seamlessly into the arched volumes that are trademark of this space.varun bhal showroom

varun bahl showroom

The design celebrates some of the trademark Archohm values of natural materials like stone, metal and details. In bringing the amalgamation of modern details and vintage accents defines the concept process of this store. The planning of the store delves into creating niches of collections which came from the layout of the space. The unifying feature of the space is the display racking system which has motifs from the Nouveau period. The shadows create patterns on the double height walls and accentuates the deep intent of craft. The warm Jaisalmer stone floors are enclosed by the corten steel metallic paint effect which offset the luxurious clothes. The warm tones are beautiful rustic backdrops to the luxurious drapes and also a trademark Archohm texture.

varun bahl showroom   fashion showrooms   interior design detail

On of the signature elements are the decadent lighting chandeliers which are from the house of KLOVE Design. The textured glass shades, teardrop cascades, beaded chains and majestic scale are what really create atmosphere with the high ceiling of the space. Aside from the main central feature, there are also wonderful draped versions which are signature above the arrival desk and in the seating areas.

varun bahl showroom    varun bahl showroom

klovestudio showroom

The furniture settings also take cues from classical details. Craft, textured textiles and vintage essence was an intrinsic part of the project.

varun bahl showroom   furniture design   varn bahl showroom

The vision of Archohm Studio with the Varun Bahl Design house comes together in the signature space and is a must visit for all those who like me enjoy fashion against a backdrop of vintage architecture . A journey into luxury and time.varun bahl showroom


varun bahl showroom   Sourabh Gupta Archohm  varun bahl

Captured here with the Creative Team and Designer themselves, Sourabh Gupta, Archohm (center) and Varun Bahl (right)