Custom Suits at your doorstep. Made to Measure taken to a new level of customisation gentlemen!

Sounds like a dream come true, but that is exactly what SUITSBYYOU started by Rishabb Bhoot endeavours to do. His tagline says, “We are India’s first menswear fashion brand that provides 3D Visualization. Armed with an expertise in fabrics and fortitude in tailoring masterpieces for you, all at your doorstep we guarantee the perfect fit that is resounding of your vision.” And with my experience with them , this is well on its way.

When we first spoke on working on a Summer Suit together, I must admit I had reservations. However,  their dedication in detailing and the custom attention paid to the many stages of putting this together has been a learning experience to be sure. All their suit jackets are half canvassed, with fully fused fronts, for greater versatility and superior shape for your body. The jackets also feature fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads and high quality collar felts. Sounds impressive doesn’t it, so much to see and understand. Medium weight fabric made for all climates and seasons are available and there are so many folders to choose from. All their fabrics in this range are high quality designed for regular wear.48% rayon, 20% cotton, 12% wool, 12% polyester, 8% tencel which allows for less creasing, easy wearability and strength. Some fun facts for you there!!


The choice of the Blue was perfect keeping in mind the Summer pastel look. The light fabric and the drape with the fusing was just right for sitting well on the body yet without becoming overly lined and warm. Teamed here with a floral shirt and the accent pocket square its a great work look and perfect for a party or brunch as well. If you like to keep it more formal a white shirt and classic brogues is an option. The color is unusual and also refreshing for the season and for sure will get people talking.

Summer Blue suit



The choice to making it more casual comes with the perfect striped Polo tee to make the outfit. The statement shoes adds the quirky twist and is one of my favourites. As always I find that each outfit , in this case a well fitted summer suit can be very versatile as lookbook. It is important that we enjoy our versatile choice. Hope you like this one as well.


Suit: Suits By You | Shirt & Silver Shoes: Zara Men | Pocket Square: Jim Thompson | Sleeve: Mazmoizelle  | Shades: Raybans

Pattern shoes: Joshua Sanders| Belt: Benetton

Styling and Concept: Subhashish Mandal 
Photography : Anmol Ahdi

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