In the celebration of print, embroidery and pattern my features on the brand of Kwanyo, Thailand I do hope you enjoyed the first story with the wonderful pattern Jacket designed by them. Do click on the story link and have a look at the images and video. In my continued collaboration with the brand and working more with the summer look and colors here are some of their signature shirt &tee pattern collections .

Shirted Yellow

The designs of brand focuses on a mix of printed textiles which are created from a mix of patterns. Inspired largely from nature and illustrations, which are very rooted in the Art and Naturescape of Thailand the shirt itself have these wonderful illustrative qualities in their visuality. The fresh daffodil yellow shirt which are combined with the birds in flight in various arrangements is truly quite a pleasure to  see. Placed asymmetrically across the overall garment and then accentuated with some of the birds which are actually embroidery appliques to allow for accents in the design.

Worn here in comfort loose fit style with jeans and embellished slippers from Simple Vehicle, the look is easy going but detailed with all these wonderful details which are signature from the designs.


Shirt: Kwanyo | Denims: GAP | Shoes: Simple Vehicle | Shades: John Jacobs |Ring&Studs: Jaipur

Laced Tee

One of the most innovative designs from Kwanyo is their Lace layered garments. The format is seen often in their signature Polo T shirts which are made with layered lace textiles. Seen in pastel shades they form a crafted backdrop which have the signature applique embroideries of birds and insects in wonderfully detailed colors.  The example here is mostly from their insect inspirations in crafted detail.


Teamed with pair of Tan trousers and the Orange accessories you can say that the summer look for any day out is sorted with all the attention to eclectic detail. A more tailored and fitted look here compared to the other two OOTDs.


T shirt: Kwanyo | Trousers: Benetton | Shoes: Pedro | Belt: Louie Vuitton | Bag: Hugo Boss |

Watch: Swatch|Ring: Amrapali

Shirted Blue

Celebrating my love for the Indigo Blue is this wonderful example from their collection. The factors which are trademark which are elaborated in the first look also apply here. Do note the collage of the geometric patterns which are placed as a patchwork structure across the entire shirt. Unlike the yellow shirt the embroidery appliques are in accent pop up colors which contrast against the palette of the blue base.


Worn with a pair of denim shorts, the look is a great one for a brunch or a day out with friends. I can also see this look working well with trousers and bow tie for a more formal event. As the shirt is so beautiful in itself , it does not need a jacket . There are details across its entire patterning that is the visual delight. The statement ring from the Kohar Jewels is of course to add that special eclectic accent.


Shirt: Kwanyo | Shorts: MTM | Ring: Kohar Jewels

Hope you enjoyed the selection from the brand focused here and I would advise you to see their pages on Instagram and Facebook for their many designs and inspirations.

Till next time folks!!!

Outfit styling and concept by Subhashish Mandal
Image Credits Arun Subrmaniam