Celebrating one of the most interesting Brands of Design from Thailand is Kwanyo Deaign, is this dual feature story in two chapters on their creations for the Dapper Man. Their eclectic mixture of prints, embroidery and textured materials has always been a favorite of mine. Designed&Made in Thailand, the brand is now very popular globally and retails across many stores showcasing in the world of fashion how the legacy of traditional patterns, nuances can come into modern silhouettes and trends. If you look at their Facebook and Instagram page you will see a variety of pattern references from traditional art, ceramics, textile and vintage fashion that they use to create their modern looks.

Inspired from the antique artworks of the Birds in Flight, is this print design created on a brilliant blue cotton summer jacket. Focusing on the this in combination is a lookbook of pure whites in three different garment layers. In most of my posts here i always like to show how you can make a statement in various ways keeping a staple accent. Welcoming Spring & Summer 2018 this season, the Blue and White look is a winner that you cannot not have.


The jacket is styled here with the a staple white cotton trouser and shirt for your work look and even a formal event. Combined with little details like the lapel pin floral and the porcelain styled bowtie brings an accent to the look and those details that are just the focus. The tassel suede quilted shoes by Lozano India brings the detail at your feet and keeps the surprise always .



Jackets on Kurtas, Have you explored that look yet!? If you haven’t , my advice is that this is a must try. Trendy, smart and semi formal as a look it creates a statement and makes the Indian Kurta Shirt have that much more of a use in you everyday wardrobe look-book. Worn here against the same combination for those summer evening events or even a day wedding function , you have this style to keep your statement on point.


AT BRUNCHSummers are here and you are looking to have that perfect relaxed summer brunch look . Focusing in the post, the jacket here is teamed with a drape vest from Zara, that adds a soft flow accent to your outfit. The overall white break is great when you take your jacket off and the accent is perfect for that heat when you are just wanting to soak up the sun during that brunch afternoon. As the day closes just grab the jacket back on and your all set to go.


So thats what the Flights of Birds Jacket can do for you across this style book. What did you think about this one, as always love your inputs and ideas on whats being done, which look did it for you !? Here is a Video to help you out! Signing off for this one folks and much stay tuned for the other feature on the Kwanyo Brand.


Jacket: Kwanyo Design | Trousers: Rare Rabbit | Shoes: Lozano India | Shades: John Jacobs | Lapelpin: TheDapperMan

Shirt: Marks & Spencer | Bowtie: Satee by Mayur | Kurta: Fabinida | Vest: Zara Men

Outfit styling and concept by Subhashish Mandal
Videography and Image Credits @Devansh Sahijwani