Playing the keys with the winter essentials to have is the LONG Sweater. A very important trend in the HOMME wardrobe is the oversized look in any season and has been for a long time. Playing that up is this great collection of pullovers designed by the brand GREYHOUND ORIGINALS who are well known for their graphic and sculptural details in their clothing. Having always been inspired by the eclectic when I noticed these designs in their store in Thailand it got me thinking, ” would a short man wearing a over sized long fitted pullover look odd?”As always ready to experiment I had to try it out and it was great fun to see how these long fitted graphic garments made such a difference to the look. Smart statements and made with light acrylic they are perfect for when the severe winters are over and one is looking for lighter pullovers. I would like to draw your attention to the way the branding and color blocking details are done . Both the sweaters in the Black and White have very interesting accents worth a look.


What drew me towards this design was definitely the trendy color blocking and branding patterns. The mix of the browns, blue and large typeface white letters made a striking combination. Also must to note on the mix of the different knit types which adds to the sculptural quality that the brand is well known for.

Confirmed on the trendy branding format and have to say these pullovers are super comfy. One of my fav details is the cut detail at the bottom hem that raises an interesting accent.

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The other sweater featured here from the Brand is this classic white with its many embossed details which you can see in the Images. The ribbed hole details on the side and the tile grid leveled emboss over the entire sleeves and the chest band is truly brilliant in the way its been designed. Although not as clear in the images, is the branding which is embossed in white above the chest grid and here accentuated with this statement drape from Elysian Homme which you recently saw a brand feature for in my blog. Overall i did like the understated sophistication of this as compared to the blocking in the black.

Well that is the details here from this style trend. Let me know what you think on this one folks. The black or the white, will post a poll on my Instagram as well on which one did you like better!


Sweaters: Greyhound Originals | Jeans: H&M |Shoes: Gucci | Shades black: Tom Ford | Shades Brown : 2NU

Scarf: Elysian Homme | Watch: Swatch, Vintage

Location: Starbucks, Epicura | Concept, styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal