Although Camouflage as  a print pattern has been popular in wardrobes for many years but it is back with a vengeance now and is one of the must investments in your wardrobe. Seen widespread across streetsyle trends all across world and worn by the whose who , you cannot not have this print look in you lookbook for the season to come. It is here to stay gentlemen!!

Check the stylefile trends from the Harper Bazaar trends spots, and as well as on Vogue Magazine must haves 2017 and on the listing on Fashion Beans.  Although it hit the stores in force in 2017 Spring Summer, the edit here is a winter version of layering with the look and combining it with the essential Men’s Bomber jacket!! As we men like our Winter Looks this is a great way to take this trend into your winter essentials.

In case you were wondering on the origin of this fashion term!!… A flight jacket is a casual jacket that was originally created for military pilots and eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. It has evolved into various different styles and silhouettes including the ‘letterman’ jacket and the fashionable ‘bomber‘ jacket that is known today.

Chapter 1 is exploring the Winter look with the classic Army Camo look & Black with the layering overtones . Enjoii!

BIKER CAMOA look that cannot go wrong is the classic biker black jacket and the camouflage with denims. They are perfect as a, combination and very essentially masculine especially when worked with the right accessories . Bring out those great boots and get out the dark denims especially if they have the distressed details and you will have this look and many options down to the T. The great thing about CAMO and army shades is that is goes also well with chinos, khakhis, cargos and denims in various tones so you have a win win when you are buying the item for your collection. So in that sense its very versatile!

Details are of importance, always pick a Biker Bomber Jacket that has great embossed details, logos and some interesting accents like this example from the Von Dutch Brand who do this very well. The Shirt also from the same brand has some great accent details too! Its important to focus on these details and not overplay them with too much like you are trying too hard. Keep it controlled and minimal to make it look effective, i find it better when its less gimmicky. The choice of boots is tricky, stick to SQUARE cuts, clean details and steer away from the pointed cowboy styled, pattern options which I personally feel clash with the Camo Intent. You can do trainers provided they are solid colors and have minimal highlights.


Details: Jacket&Shirt: Von Dutch | Denims: Diesel | Boots & Tagchain: Kenneth Cole | Shades: JohnJacobs | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


The second look takes the layering into the classic overall look of the Classic Army green Camo. Worn with a classic bomber padded style jacket  layered with an overcoat and turbaned for effect. Definitely more Retro and  great look for the winters. The choice of having a Padded Jacket is great when the weather gets colder and it does add a certain element of visual interest. Be careful that the greens match in tones, if not its better to have a clear contrast than to have a different mix and match colors happening if the tones are not close. Fit is important, each tailoring aspect will show a different effect wether its loose or grunge or more custom slim fit. The look here overall works as more fitted intent as you can see!!


The intent is always to enjoy the addition of color which is where the Red Arabic styled turban came in. Caps or some form of headgear are essential in this look and great as an addition. Always have fun with the accessories as I always say!!! The lace up boots with the tucked in jeans are must when your trying out the streetsyle camo look. And they will always be in style if you want to pull a more streetstyle effect.

I prefer to keep the choice of Shades more classic in the Aviator inspired design. The choice here with the classic brown tint and gold frames are never a choice which will let you down. The Look of the Camo for me is about certain classics being maintained and it is good to have that in check. The DogTag chain is something I have had for years and often not been able to wear but it just fell right into place with this stylefile, hope you agree!!

Details: Jacket : Hugo Boss |  Camo Denims: Von Dutch| Boots & Overcoat : Zara Men | Shades: JohnJacobs | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Medal Lapelpin: Diesel | Tagchain: Kenneth ColeSo go get that CAMO Addition now to your collection folks!!

Concept, styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal