In my love for travel and hoping to do more writing and editorials about it , my recent visit to the Hua Hin Resort of Palayana is a must visit.

Although there are many resorts here but my stay here is a testament that it is finally the people who make the magic in any holiday destination. The ocassion was a wedding of a dear friend which was organised in this magical location and right from the word go as one entered the venue the magic set in. I will not focus much on the amazing wedding celebrations there but in case you are a destination wedding seeker aside from the sundry traveler then I can safely tell you that this is the place to go.

Image credit: Gallery of the property.

The complex is comprised of wonderful villas aside from the main block itself which is designed in a very modern taste with muted local artistic overtones. The art& sculptural inputs in the decor are minimalist yet evocative of Thailand and its many colorful traditions. I was residing in one of the Main Block Bedrooms on the third floor and if you are visiting by yourself then this is the place to be. My view from the Room was stunning as an overview of the grounds and the lotus ponds, gardens and walkways which reach all the way out till the sea. The rustic overtone of the wooden structures, white architecture and local sloping tiled roofs are the perfect offset to the lush green tropical forest styled walkways.


View from the Balcony of the Room!View of the Room: Image Credit of the PropertyView of the Lotus Ponds from the Room

The walk through the grounds is pleasure itself . The beautiful landscaping with its levels and courtyards , water ponds are a pleasure to view and one sit by and never have enough for sure. As the day turns to night the strategic lighting and the soft highlights with lanterns and candles only take you more by surprise and is like a postcard setting for sure.


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The Gorgeous Nightlights in the walkway!!

THE POOLSIDE and BEACH is a revelation in its own levels. The Restaurant Deck and the open lawns enclose the pool and the design of the landscape naturally takes one onto the white sand beaches. Palm trees blowing in the wind, the sound of the waves and the sounds of the cocktails from the adjacent Bar and your all set to escape the worries of the world. The pool is designed  with its own decks and pavilions and you can schedule massages there as well if you wish with the Spa in the Hotel. I had the pleasure of a foot massage while looking out the ocean and I can tell you that it is not a indulgence that is to be missed.


   Views by the beach side Bar

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The Villas although look magical with their inbuilt pools, lounges, entertainment rooms and they, are on my must visit next time I stay with the Resort. The images are on the website/online galleries as well. Enclosing just a few of them here for you to get a quick view and I can see that it The Treat for you to visit for your Events or Honeymoon as the case maybe. With their own private entrances it is like a home away from home but with Room Service…Bliss!! You can be your king for those few days and why not as they say. Do note the mix of the modern and traditional design details as I spoke about earlier.


 Image credits: Gallery of the property.

As I was there for a private event the F&B was spectacular and curated specially for the wedding. But the selection of many restaurants, bars and its own menus are something that only complement the great service and smiles that are always around. The staff is willing to customize as per need and the location of where the meals are served is all the magic that completes the experience.Image of the Sea from the Garden bar

As always time flies when one is in Paradise and here I come to my story end of this wonderful location. I know my travel bags shall take me back to the Sands of the Palayana soon one day. Till then the memories of the sun shining through the trees and the warm hospitality of the team and sun leaves me with a glow that I shall hope to bask in again.You can find this wonderful resort details on their website  on

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Happy Travels!!