If you call recall posted late Dec 2017, was about one of my favorite stores , THE WISHING CHAIR!! The ideal one stop shop for home decor, quirky gifts and the lovely eclectic furniture . And of course the cafe called The Mad Teapot!

Here we are back with a PINK PATTERN day with their product and my dapper cues for having fun with the color and of course featuring the lovely store as well. Clues abound of course for some of the choice picks from the collections.

In case you missed it, catch it on the link here for the previous story…..http://thebaldeagle.in/2017/12/24/wishing-2018-tea-cakebowties/

The story was inspired by this beautiful collection of Ceramic plates and bowls in the Pastel  Blossom Pinks , the Sea Shell collection and Blues which inspired the photo shoot as well for the wardrobe choices. The Embossed Fluer De Lis royal glasses and the  Wisteria Print Napkins with the Planter Bottles I can assure you makes the most stunning table decor. Must check on the cool set of TOOL inspired napkin rings. Sitting on the plate is their Signature Coffee Walnut cake which is a revelation and must have.

One of the most signature collections in the store are the KILM Chairs seen above , this one is my favorite. The colors, the finishing and detail on the chair is great and is very comfortable. A great focal accent in your living room for sure.

As mentioned before the store is a treasure house of Home Decor Accessories . Walls of quirky accents like the ones in the image above show how one can add them to any wall the conversation elevation in their homes. I specially like the Chair stencil cut artworks mounted on the Jute textile frames.  And there are hundreds of Wall Plates to choose from.

Though not many but the collection has some very handpicked Floor Rugs which are stunning. This Floral motif naturescape Dhurrie caught my fancy immediately in the store and I could think of the many ways it could completely enhance a home interior. Do look out for it when you visit the store. The detail and finishing is great.

One of the candid captures to showcase all the Pink Outfit Accents.


Jacket: Sandip Jaiswal | Shirt: Harris Pontikis | Pocket Square: Jim Thompson | Trousers: Rare Rabbit

Rings: Kohar Jewels | Watch: Natutica | Shoes: Louie Vuitton |Bowtie : Was a Gift

And if you love the Quirk like me get some of these great Bird Cages, great for floral and light installations and ideas for them abound in the store. AND as you walk around as you can see there is not dearth of inspirations to choose from.

Concept, styling and Model: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal

Follow THE WISHING CHAIR on https://www.wishingchair.in/ and read up on the great ideas of the Decor elements can be used and their blog&styleguides

THE MAD TEAPOT on https://www.zomato.com/ncr/the-mad-teapot-the-wishing-chair-golf-course-road-gurgaon