IN a memory of time gone past!!

When Courts&Kingdoms prevailed,

Courtiers danced, gardens bloomed, travels and celebrations were many

But as all does; glory does not as well last,

New shores align and the tomorrow is a fresh start!

But, memories remain as always an intrinsic part.

“The story of this shoot begins with finding a sense of a wandering soul. Trapped in memories of the past the nobleman looks beyond the sun and shadows to how things used to be! Capturing his wandering mind, the imagery and setting of the broken forts and unkempt gardens it traps the restlessness of his spirit. The light through the trees and the halo of the light captures the sense of today and the past. The images of the locked gates takes his mind back to what he had as he stands by the archways thinking of how things used to be. And as the sun settles and he looks back to the past to move to the tomorrow.”

CAUGHT IN THE FORTRESSES of time…..framed in architecture of times gone past and locked beyond the doors!!

AND THE LIGHT SHINES to the new tomorrow, new prospects and new futures!!


Sequined Detail Shrug: Shivam&Joy | Nehru Jacket : YELL | Silk Dhoti : Incheetape by Purvi&Sharad | Velvet Moccasins: Amorio, Jaipur

Styling: Subhashish Mandal | Image credits: Ankur Mondal | Jewellery : Ameythyst

The intent of any fashion editorial is often from aside from the obvious is to create a story that the mood of the clothing that it evokes. Combined with the idea of mood photography and the right location you can easily be transported to another time and that was the intent of this post. Hope you liked the story telling folks!