As the winters come in, we all have to get the “Layering Game” on point gentleman. The concept of Shrugs in the Men’s Wardrobe is definitely one of the Trends to watch out this season. Men with the dapper quotient are doing the drape in many different ways and one of the way to work on this is the use of the Shrug. One of the most popular items , they are all the rage on the online shopping portals and in fashion musthaves in every closet.

The post today explores how they work in a very Formal Work look and a Casual Daytime relaxed look. The intent is to show how you can make the most of your Shurg and not think  of its limits but actually its versatile playful quality. Its important that the length of the garment chosen works well for your height and the nature of style statement to be made.


A formal Dapper look , the idea is to use the Shurg as replacement of the  corporate Blazer. Teamed with the idea of the cardigan, Shirt and Tie you can ace this look for any meeting or just a day at work. Many shurgs come with a hoodie attached and that can only make the look more playful. Take off the tie , put on the hoodie and you have a funky look. And if your bald like me, the hood only helps with keeping your head warm. The great thing about the ensemble is that it adds a sense of fluidity to the look and it takes away the formal structured look which does make one stand out.


In the look the play with the staple Deconstructed Blue jeans, is a Polka dot shirt and Clean formal tie all in tones of black and charcoal which creates a nice monochromatic palette. These then offset the Blue Jeans and yet allow each element in the ensemble to have its own say without becoming all too black. If one wants to go all the way , a set of black jeans works as well in this set.

Details: Image credits by Ankur Mondal | Styling&Concept by Subhashish Mandal

Jeans: Hooded Shrug: H&M | Jeans: Replay | Shirt: Rare Rabbit | Tie: Thomas Nash| Cardigan: Louie Phillipe

 Shoes: Dolce&Gabbana | Shades: Raybans

“The amazing thing about my love for architecture in any frame is the way it allows the most surprising compositions of light and setting. History and design of the Classical Mughal architecture in its many alignments of windows&openings can create a magic highlight that no articial setting will create!!”


A Design with the great drape structure designed by my friend Joy, the Shurg in itself is a pleasure to wear. In a light cotton it could be used across different seasons. The short back and the long draped side panels creates a dramatic effect due to the nature of the construction. The look shown is perfect for a day out wherein layered with a full sleeved tee, scarf and jeans. As always playing with the mix of pattern play; the stripes adds a nice structure to the fluid lines of the garment. The playful pattern of the scarf adds a touch of whimsy and brings in the idea where one can make their own style statement.


Details:  Image credits by Ankur Mondal | Styling&Concept by Subhashish Mandal

Jeans: Hooded Shrug: Joydeep Bose | Jeans: Replay | TShirt: Scotch&Soda | Scarf: Dilli Haat |

 Shoes: Paul Smith | Shades: Vintage

” The beauty of nature with the gardens, tree, rockeries and open sunshine was the best place to celebrate the blue palette and the bird details. One cannot ask for much more when one is in the wrap of such vibrance!!”

Hope you enjoyed this one folks, Gentlemen time to SHRUG it for the season……………………….