For many of those who follow my posts and have been reading my blog you would know that I thrive on the “Mix and Match” concept. The intent of bringing in various formats of styling one single garment is the call for the day. One should be able to make the most of any item in their wardrobe and this Blog feature on this Yellow Plaid jacket is all about making the most of what you have.

The looks are applicable across all kinds of events. One could be at work, a casual  Sunday brunch or even a Formal event you can style a jacket in so many ways and add your twist to the look. Interestingly this styling look-book can be applied to any jacket that you may already have  and not realised that it could have so many options as a style statement.


We all like our Jeans and White Shirts don’t we? And its a classic that you cant go wrong with! So when your in that look and suddenly need to go into a meeting or an event, a jacket and a bow tie is all you need to up the game. My suggestion is that for a Yellow jacket a darker tone of Denims Blues are always better than the lighter ones or even a black. Add some leather accessories like a Sling Bag and some dapper shoes and you are all set to close the deal. Also a great look when you are travelling and the weather is cooler, the overall palette is good to go.


Jacket: Zest, Khan Market | Jeans : GAP | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Vintage Garage | Metal Stud Belt/ Shades: Vintage |

Bowtie: Tortts | lapel pin:



When its Sunday and you have that long Brunch ahead of you, the key is comfort above all else. The Linen jacket here being a given; what works well is to combine it with Linen pants which take the color the Plaid check and team it with a Tunic open neck shirt. The Indian Kurti Men’s shirts are great for Brunches…relaxed, stylish and come in a variety of colors, patterns and super affordable. Add a Hat and your well on your way to make the heads turn. The solid color shoes of course are always fun to have as well.


Jacket: Zest, Khan Market | Trousers : Custom Made| Tunic shirt: Versace | Hat: Street Shopping, Bangkok |

Shoes: Sacoor | Earrings: Amrapali


Celebrating my essential favorites of the Eclectic Mix is to work with Fusion of styles. A huge fan of combining Western Blazers with the Indian Styles this look is only becoming more and more popular now. Seen here is a party look wherein the Staple Black comes in with the yellow offset. The Arabic Turban comes in for the dramatic touch. These great velvet Lion motif Slippers are the icing accent for the glamour look.


Jacket: Zest, Khan Market | Trousers & Kurta : Ekmatra| Ring: Amethyst | Turban: Dubai Airport

Shoes: | Earrings: Amrapali


And finally the classic Linen Combination for a Summer Suit Look. The shirt & jacket, the tie, the pants. The quirk factor however is the overlay of Color Blocking here with the Purple/ Blue and Yellow. The pattern overlap with the Tie and the checks is the added surprise.



Jacket: Zest, Khan Market | Trousers : Custom Made| Shirt: Mufti| Bag: Vintage Garage | Shades: Vintage |

Tie: Sacoor| Shoes: Ronaldo Sturlini



Well its a YELLOW WRAP folks…..hope this one helps you to make more and open multiple doors to each garment you own.

More such features to come!!