As well said once,

“ We have to remember what is important in life, Friends, Waffles & Work OR

Waffles, Friends & Work…..But work has to come third!” Leslie Knope.

SO given the stress of our daily lives , our devotion to work, fitness, deadlines, family and all the control we apply to ourselves during the week…Sunday is the definitely the day to treat ourselves. And when treats are mentioned, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, Waffles is an indulgence that is mandatory.

Imagine this,

Freshly baked with sumptuous fillings, dusted with sugar and available in a variety of mouth watering combinations and plated to desire!! DO I have your attention yet….

Well if your sweet tooth is itching already, the place to be is for sure Depot 48 in N Block Greater Kailash. Hugely popular for their Waffle menu, they have nailed it down to a fine art that’s will keep u coming back for more. Unlike many other outlets, the menu is well curated with the best ingredients and kept to a select set of doing what they do well. The Baldeagle has settled into the sweetness nest for the next hours to share his opinions on the same!

Interestingly each selection plate has fresh baked waffles with batter filling which match the ingredients selected.  For example the Berry & Mascarpone  comes with Berry filled waffles which enhances the flavor of your condiments. The Chocolate &nuts combination has signature  infills therein you are ensured to have that special hit within the batter itself!! And ofcourse all plates come with the Signature homemade Vanilla Ice Cream dollops! SIGH…

Your selections are as follows,

If you’re a classic Favourite the Butter & Maple Syrup Combination is there at your service. This being the lightest of them all but who can beat the classics!!


As you begin to up the game, Depot serves the Banana and Toffee waffle which is I am told one of their most popular favourites. The nutty toffee served in their lovely beakers, and the sliced banana on the wooden bat trays is heaven to see as well and the waffles are baked with a banana filling. And needless to say the wine selection is only there to set your spirits on a merrier note.


Moving to their most popular combination is the Chocolate Gianduja and the Caramelized nuts . As told by Vikas Narula who runs the establishment, this Waffle Plate overtakes sales in every section over all their other offerings. It is safe to say that this is a must try. For those who do not know….Gianduja or gianduia which means ( the “real one” ) is a sweet chocolate spread containing about 30% hazelnut paste, invented in Turin during Napoléon’s regency (1796–1814)!!

I hope I do have your interest well peaked!!

And finally my favourite which is the Wild Berries and Mascarpone cheese combination! Having always been a berry fan somehow the rich red coulis sitting in the jar and generous dollop of mascarpone sitting between the waffles is impossible for me to resist. The sweetness of the berry set off by the cream cheese and add in the cold ice cream to the warm baked waffle is I have to say…Heaven!!

Between the story, and all the images I was transported back to my very Indulgent Sunday past. Depot-48 of course provides a very interesting menu of savory foods as well , the drinks are very well priced and the service is on point.

You can check them at:

Phone number: 011 33105212
Cuisines: AmericanMexican and Finger Food!!
Cost: 1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol! Bon Appetit!