Men and Suits!!

The eternal classic of finding the right suit is a journey that all men go through. Finding the combination of cut, fabric, drape, design is a constant search. In my extensive collaborations with the Kingsmen Studio and designer Vineet Gupta, the discussions of what forms the right curation of the suit has been an endless conversation. The first Suit posting on the here is actually based on the exciting project for me where the very special accent was the choice of the color. The rich color of the wine and a suit designed to showcase it for both work and formal occasions actually came together in way that was surprising , bold and yet classic on all the levels of dapper!

The lookbook with the accessories in traditional elements of the Brocade Orange tie was a risky choice but I wanted to have a surprise twist against the white shirt and conservative charcoal textured woollen waistcoat. The paisleys in the tie were offset in the dark toned pocket square from the Vintage collections of the design house of Satya Paul who have been for years curating the perfect accessories for Men. In keeping with the “Man and Bag” quotient of course the traditional details are amplified with the Bag designed by Desi Pop.

Personally l always try to bring about the element, of fun and surprise in any ensemble that I create. Taking a western suit and working with color and traditional elements and creating that special Indian overtone to the mix, I hope was successful! Here is hoping that it resonates with all of you!

The accent of jewellery continues with the selected choices from the House of Absynthe Design. Details of craft and celebration of detail comes together in the choices made for each accessory chosen in this look. The beautiful accents of the red, gold and black in the earrings were perfect to add that special dramatic touch to dress up the suit for an evening out or possibly even for a more daring day event. The Tie Clip and ring showcase further the detailing that is a trademark of Basak’s work.

Looking forward to hearing all your views on this one….cheers!!

In the Details

Suit: Vineet Gupta, Kingsmen Studio | Waistcoat: Kenneth Cole| Tie & Pocket Square: Satya Paul (vintage brocade collection) | Shirt: Marks & Spencer | Accessories: Absynthe Design by Abhishek Basak | Bag: Desi Pop | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Shades: Rayban classics | Shoes:

Image credits: Shashank SK Tyagi
Makeup by Akansha Gupta
Location: The Perfect Location, Madhulika Agarwal Bansal

Styling: Subhashish Mandal